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  1. 21. Void Of You

    • By Denise
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2008

    This is to a special friend who showed me I did have problems and I had to leave to save my life. He is a VERY great friend I owe my life to. I love you, Dave!

    Poem About Support Of A Friend

    You were so supportive of me to seek treatment.
    Whenever I had something to get out of my heart, you let me vent.
    Other times when I was too depressed, you got me off the couch.
    You were the only one to get me out of that drug infested house.
    I was so strong for so long, but now I feel that void of you.
    I want to see you and wrap my arms around you so I won't feel so blue.
    You inspired me of so much and opened my world to new things.
    You never made me feel bad or like that nasty dope fiend.
    I count the days till I can see you again and fill that void.
    The distance between us may be far, but you're in my heart, you'll always be my boy.
    I gaze up at the sky and believe you're looking up at the same time.
    For I'm coming back eventually to say hi and to show you I'm better than fine.
    I thank my lucky stars you intervened and showed me the way.
    I just had to let you know you were the one to help me through each day.

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    Wow this story really gave me the goose bumps. I just had to say goodbye to someone who overdosed on heroin. It has been tough and I am struggling but because of this I believe that it will...

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  2. 22. For My Loving, Caring Dad

    • By Abbie Taylor
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2010

    This poem is for anyone who wants to get a notice to their dads to make them stop smoking for you because if they loved you they would stop. Just print this poem, give it to them and let them see what it does to you...

    Stop Smoking Poem

    Dad- You are making me ill
    From all the times you make me get
    Your addicted and most wanted
    Pack of cigarettes.

    Dad- Why can't you stop?
    It's horrible to see
    The man that we all love
    Falling at the knees.

    Dad- We need you back
    The way you used to be
    I will end up just like you
    And that's something you don't want to see.

    Dad- If you look yourself in the mirror
    You will see yourself withering away
    The Dad we all look up to
    You're lucky you're here today.

    Dad- Your death will cause us pain
    How many times you have been told
    That what you're doing and what you can't see
    Is making you look old.

    Dad- I wish that you would stop
    And just stop, look and see
    That what you are doing
    Is harmful you and me...

    -x-Dad Please Stop Smoking-x-
    -x-Smoking-Don't Keep It In The Family-x-

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  3. 23. Six Years Old Today

    • By Lareee
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2010

    I am a 44-year-old single mother with the last birdie about 3 years from flying the coop. I moved to Tennessee from Texas a year ago and have been inspired to write more than ever. Writing is a gift to me. It is not something that I have ever practiced, but a gift from God that he uses to tell other people.

    Killed By A Drunk Driver

    He would be 6 years old today, Daddy's little man,
    Mama's little cuddle bug and Grammy's little ham.
    I should be baking a cake today, chocolate's what he'd crave.
    Instead I'm buying flowers to place upon his grave.
    He'd have started school this year, we'd all have made a fuss
    I'd planned to video his first trip on the bus.
    I'd planned on being room mom, to fill his heart with pride,
    Instead I am in counseling, dealing with this void inside.
    After 12 years and 7 doctors, we finally had our son!
    And we thanked God every day for that special little one!
    He had my sense of humor, his daddy's handsome face,
    He liked frogs and mud and rocks, and he loved to win a race.
    We would give everything we own to have him back alive...
    I BEG you, read and think of this,
    BEFORE you drink and drive!

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    I'm a heroin addict and on methadone, I have been clean for 8 days, but the cravings are really strong, I enjoy reading these poems, but I don't know who to turn to!

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  4. 24. A Reason To Stop

    • By Ali
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2009

    I wrote this poem to my twin sister when I was addicted to heroin. She was the reason I stopped. And to anyone who is addicted to any kind of drug, you have to find your reason, because that is what gives you enough courage to stop.

    Drug Abuse Poem

    I'm so sorry that I'm hurting you,
    You know there's nothing I can do.
    Every time I inject, I think of you,
    How you're thinking this can't be true.
    I promised one day I'll get help,
    And I still mean it,
    I just need some time.
    I need to think things through.
    I just want to be with you.
    But you say I'm hurting you too much.
    You push me away.
    You push me out.
    I need you to be there,
    Just to tell me how much you care.

    I push the needle into my vein,
    You shake your head and say I'm not going to change.
    I sit there and cry,
    Not enjoying my high.
    I don't want to be like this,
    It's you I miss.
    I cover my arm and hope you won't see,
    But the injection marks have become a permanent part of me.
    When you see them you start to cry,
    You tell me that I'm going to die.
    I don't want to die, I don't want to leave you.
    You can think I'm lying, but Steph, it's true.
    I would give up my needle just to see you smile,
    But you never do, so I'll give you a while.

    I fall to the floor,
    Hoping to stop.
    I end up hitting my face on a rock.
    The cut goes so deep,
    But I don't even care.
    I watch the blood dry into my hair.
    I'm scared of myself,
    There's a monster within.
    Only heroin can cure him,
    He always wins.
    I want him to go away,
    To leave me alone,
    But you say he'll go away only if I stop getting stoned.

    I'm so sorry,
    You have to know it's true.
    I just hate, hate hurting you.
    Every time you cry it makes me inject more,
    I try to dull the pain,
    I'm going insane.
    So I promise now,
    I promise to stop.
    I want you to smile,
    I want you to laugh.
    I love you so much, and you have to know it's true.
    I love you enough to stop hurting you.

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    I am so sorry for your pain. I am also going through the same pain. It's so heart-breaking that I cant even speak out loud to anyone about my boys because the pain is so deep that I break...

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  5. 25. Why?

    • By Nicole
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2008

    Both my parents were drug addicts all my life. My mom is still fighting heroin addiction. My dad is dead because of addiction, and now my lil sister is starting down the wrong path, and I am desperately trying to stop her. This is how I feel.

    My Sister Is Starting Drugs

    Why do you do this to me again and again?
    I am your family, I am your friend,
    But it just seems you only love it,
    The thing that's turning your life to spit.
    I try to help you, I keep reaching out.
    You just keep saying you don't know what I'm talking about.
    The drugs are turning you into what you hated all along.
    Just like them, it's the same old song.
    We don't have to be like them, don't you see?
    The cycle can stop with you and me.
    Don't let the drugs tear us apart.
    I know you can beat this with all of my heart.
    Please let me help, don't push me away.
    I know together we can find a way.

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  6. 26. Needle & Spoon

    • By Deborah Lee Foster
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2008

    I wrote this poem about my husband when he passed on in Dec. 2002. We were in love. We were high school sweethearts, and we were married for 26 years. Have 4 beautiful children. Then my husband started his addiction and everything changed. He was not the man I married, but I loved him just the same. His addiction took his life away from me, and I try every day to move on, but I can't seem to give my heart away to be shattered again. My husband died using a drug they call Oxycontin.

    Husband Addicted To Oxycontin

    My husband used to be lovable,
    until he met a new love, the
    needle and spoon.

    We used to be so in love.
    He loved me so much and I
    him, until he found the
    needle and spoon.

    The needle and spoon came into
    our life and changed everything
    that we shared, things we did
    together, then it all fell apart.
    All because of the
    needle and spoon.

    Some ask why do I stay. I say
    I love this man, until death did
    us part. I miss him very much; he
    was my world for twenty-six years,
    He loved me... he just couldn't

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    My fiance is addicted to opiates not just oxy. Anything he can put in his arm. But I finally found a medication that helps him a lot. Its call suboxen and it works great for him. He is the...

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  7. 27. An Addict I'm Not

    • By Randi Gray
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2007

    For those who love the addict, but don't share in the addiction with them. We still live the life.

    Poem For Those Who Love An Addict

    *An addict I'm not...
    so he pushes me away
    hoping I won't see it and lead him astray
    *An addict I'm not...
    but I must still live the life
    dealing and coping
    praying one day he'll stop
    *An addict I'm not...
    maybe I feel it more
    knowing any moment he could walk out that door
    *An addict I'm not...
    so I live all alone
    sure he's here beside me,
    but it's not him that's home
    *An addict I'm not...
    so I deal with his lies
    the deceit and the pain
    and all the tear free cries
    *An addict I'm not...
    thinking I could help
    one day my love will be enough,
    but it won't, I can tell
    *An addict I'm not...
    I see the pain in his heart and
    the fear that grips his soul
    as he grabs for his pipe,
    and smokes one more bowl
    *An addict I'm not...
    if only he could just see
    what I see in him
    and know he could someday be
    *An addict I'm not...
    so I watch from afar
    as he destroys himself
    a little more each day-
    Dear God, please help him
    each night I'll continue to pray!
    *Because an addict I'm not,
    but I must watch him be

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    I pray you got the help you needed and were able to let him go! Unfortunately for my ex-husband (now 7 years), he is still heavily addicted to meth, no job (he's a master carpenter), and has...

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  8. 28. The Shooting Star

    • By B. J. Hollister
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2014

    My brother's alcohol and drug addiction impacted my family and shattered many relationships. The hell we went through was unbearable; it affected my marriage, children, and my parents' health and well being. He stole, lied, cheated, and turned into a full-blown addict, known to take anything and everything from anyone. I have not spoken to him for several years and needed to focus on my own family. I was once close to him, but I had to grieve his death to make it less painful for me to move on.

    Poem About Effects Of A Sibling's Drug Addiction

    The shooting stars we used to see,
    Up in the sky, just you and me,
    Those are the times I hold so dear,
    Laughing, joking, we had no fear.

    We laughed so hard our sides would ache,
    The memories that we would make,
    So much to share and full of life,
    How could you leave your kids and wife?

    And put your family in so much danger,
    You wonder why I have such anger?
    The evil one, he stole your heart,
    And all who loved you from the start,

    Began to die a little each day,
    Until the worst came our way,
    It grips, it binds you and won't let go,
    You said, "I won't stop, I love it so,"

    This person you turned out to be,
    Was not the same I used to see,
    You beg, steal, cheat, and lie,
    Those you hurt all still cry.

    You laugh, and say, "This is so fun! I love
    to create chaos with everyone!"
    You are so sick, my heart it breaks,
    I mourned your death and it still aches,

    Some would tell me, "Just move on."
    They would not listen to me carry on,
    Imagine grieving someone still alive.
    Do you know what it's like? Do you care inside?

    Who could steal from their mother?
    Attack their sister? Deceive the other?
    His father's fingers bent so far,
    They still hurt and left a scar,

    To all who loved you, you deceived,
    We trusted you, and we believed,
    But the evil one I think might be,
    The one I thought was you I see.

    So, when I see a shooting star,
    I'll think of you. But not as you are.

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    This poem hit home for me. I have a brother who I used to be best friends with. We did everything together, even after I found out that he was addicted to heroin and crack. I would ask him to...

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  9. 29. Crackling Rock

    • By Del Marie Malliaros
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2008

    This is about crack through my eyes and the pain it causes, both physical and emotional, the power it has over you and the disgusting, scary aftereffect.

    Poem About Crack Cocaine

    It feels so right, what an evil treat.
    Hunger pains gnaw yet you cannot eat.
    You'll never defeat this hell you've created.
    Is it everything you anticipated?
    Your happiness faded, your world now black.
    Running endeavor forever, you can never go back.

    The devil has you and will devour you whole.
    Lifeless and pathetic, you've sold your soul.
    You can't get out, you can't escape.
    Just one hit is all it takes.
    Sketching, crashing, uncontrollable shakes.
    Delusions, confusion, your heart now breaks.

    The sweet taste you'll always crave.
    The addiction you'll fight until your grave.
    Random rage you can't explain.
    Guilt and sadness, forever pain.

    Awake for days without sleep.
    Inhale the smoke, smooth and deep.
    Inhuman pleasure as you release your breath.
    That will soon decease and turn to death.
    Your tongue goes numb, such a rush.
    Tingling touch, your cheeks feel flushed.

    Never enough, you need much more.
    Panic paranoia, shut and lock the door.
    Absorbed to the core and lost in thought.
    Laying on the floor waiting to rot.
    Sought for help but nobody cares.
    Cold and scared, disgusted stares.

    You're beginning to look like the rest of them.
    Frantically searching for your friend.
    Under the couch? Under the table?
    Another statistic, another label.

    You greedily need
    Another hit.
    One after another, you cannot quit.
    A bottomless pit of sorrows and lies.
    Consuming your mind, you won't be fine.
    Blinded by the crackling rock.
    Trapped in a room with an unbreakable lock.

    You'll depend on it for happiness.
    But the bliss you feel doesn't really exist.

    Haunting you in your nightmare dreams.
    Open your mouth to release silent screams.
    Help me please, take it all away.
    Pull me back when I go astray.

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    Fantastic words and all so true. I've been an addict for 30 years. I'm almost 50 years old, and I can't give up the pipe. It takes all my money, and it's taken my soul. I was a nice person...

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  10. 30. I'm An Addict

    • By Dee Phillips
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2014

    My daughter asked me not too long ago what it was like to be an addict and how did her Mamma fall in to such a awful thing? This was my reply to her.

    Poem About How Addiction Happens

    It's walking a path, a path you take every day,
    but suddenly one day there is a huge hole in the middle of your path
    and you're not paying attention
    because you walked this path every day for years.
    You fall in.
    It's not so bad and it wasn't that deep,
    so you climbed right out and went on your way.

    On your path of life you're walking,
    and you see the hole and you know it's there,
    but you fall in anyway (I mean it wasn't so bad last time),
    but this time it's deeper but others are there, and they lift you out.
    So you made a friend or two.
    Dusting yourself off you go about your way.

    You're walking along like any other day, and you see the hole.
    Hey, maybe your new friends are there today,
    so you fall in, but this time there's no one there,
    no one there to lift you out and you realize you're stuck.
    People are walking by, and you're yelling out for help,
    but they just keep walking.
    Local law enforcement come along
    and give you a helping hand (wanted or not).
    They help you out and advise you of the hole,
    "Maybe you should find a new path," they say.

    Headstrong, you set out on your path, you see the hole,
    but you think you are stronger now and you will go around,
    but as you are walking by you see that your friends are there
    and seem to be having a great time, so you fall in.
    You're kind of broken now and you're weak,
    but as your friends are leaving no one offers you a helping hand out.
    They leave you there.
    This time it will take much effort to climb your way out.
    Where will you find the strength?
    You finally get strong enough to pull yourself out,
    but it wasn't easy and no one was willing to help
    because they know you knew the hole was there and it was your own fault.

    You're walking the path of life,
    but you're looking ahead this time.
    You see the hole, but it's a lot more obvious this time.
    You consider going back, but you go literally jump in,
    and AGAIN you're lost and alone in this hole.
    No one even sees you now.
    No one cares, but it's your own fault.
    Alone you manage to climb out.

    You're walking your everyday path of life,
    but this time as you see the hole you look around to the left and to the right.
    You look up and say a little prayer,
    and the Lord gives you the strength to take a different path.

    Hopefully we can all continue to take the different path because forever I am an addict!

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    I'm 46 and life has passed me by because of addiction. I've also been a cutter for 30 years, and nothing can stop the tears.

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  11. 31. Puppet On A String

    • By Michelle
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2009

    I wrote this to my husband, hoping it would make him see what his addiction is doing to our family. To this day, he is still battling meth and its strong hold. We are in the midst of his detox, and I pray to God this is the last time my family will have to witness the effects of coming off this drug. I gladly welcome your prayers for my husband's sobriety and lasting recovery. If you would like to read more poems written by me, my book is called "My Heart is an Open Book." Thanks for taking the time to read my poetry.

    Poem To My Meth Addict Husband

    You act like I know nothing about it, but I know enough.
    I know what it has done to you, I know what it's done to us.
    You're no longer a real person, more like a puppet on a string.
    Every single move you make is controlled by methamphetamine.
    I just can't seem to help you, can't break you away.
    I've tried to cut the strings so you could walk away.
    But without this attachment, your so-called support,
    Your body goes limp, and collapses to the floor.
    I can't lift you up, you fall right back down.
    Your body is like dead weight on the ground.
    I wish I could pull you to safety so you could be free.
    It's so hard to watch you be a puppet on a string.

    I'm figuring out that I can't do this anymore.
    You have to let me go, I need to walk out the door.
    I've been in entrapment, under lock and key
    With your love that's pushed me to insanity.
    Step aside, you must let me through.
    My heart's taken enough abuse.
    You have become someone I don't want to know.
    There's no other choice; I really have to go.
    You can make it okay because you can always pretend
    Whatever you want when the strings lift you back up again.

    You attempt to burn the past away
    While everything you loved melts away.
    Your new life has taken what was once my place.
    Tomorrow you can't always fix your mistakes.
    You have a million reasons, always an excuse.
    And most of all it's precious time that you abuse.

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    My husband died 4 years ago today - 11/11/17. His death cert. stated Methamphetamine Cardio Myopathy. It also states a secondary reason: Methamphetamine use. The drug he said wouldn’t kill...

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  12. 32. How Could You?

    • By Laura graves
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2008

    I dedicate this to all those out there who've had a bad experience with someone with a drug addiction.

    Poem About Mom's Drug Addiction

    How could you let it control you?
    Things were fine in the beginning.
    I could tell you anything,
    but now we can't even speak.
    It's like I don't exist
    in your eyes, like I'm nobody.
    You let it control your life,
    and I wonder where I stand.
    Do you even realize what this is doing to my life?
    Do you even care you used to be the best mom?
    I miss those days,
    I want you back,
    I miss the good times we've had.
    I could never share those days with anybody.
    What happened?
    I thought you loved me.
    It's gotten way out of hand.
    I guess I don't matter.
    It seems your addiction is all that matters.
    I want to see you, but
    I never will be able to.
    I hate what you have done.
    I thought you would choose your daughter over anything,
    But I guess I was wrong.

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  13. 33. The Year Of The Dragon 1976

    • By Cheryl Chartier
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    A poem about the perils of drug use written by a mother whose child got entangled in its seductive grip. The child is the dragon, and drugs are referred to as the tiger.

    Beautiful and bright was the Young Dragon.

    Capable and caring,
    Sensitive but strong,
    The life of the Young Dragon
    Couldn't go wrong.

    Upright and steadfast,
    Courageous with might,
    Who knew the Dragon
    Would get lost in the night.

    For the Dragon met Tiger,
    Who lured him away,
    Into the jungle
    Of life's tumultuous way.

    Down the path of
    Destruction, sorrow and woes,
    Down the path of
    Seduction, deceit and morose.

    The Tiger made promises
    Which led Dragon astray,
    Away from his mother, siblings and wife,
    Away from the people who'd given him life.

    Deep into the jungle
    Dragon followed Tiger.
    Farther off the path of the good life
    Deeper on the road of sorrow and strife.

    And when the Dragon was
    Broken, desolate and alone,
    Looking through bars
    At the life that he'd known,

    Tiger smiled and nodded his head,
    For the beautiful Dragon
    Was standing alone
    Far from his life, his family and home.

    But Tiger underestimated
    The Spirit of love,
    Looking out for Dragon
    From high up above.

    Spirit opened doors
    By providing the keys,
    All Dragon had to do
    Was reach for these.

    Be strong, Young Dragon,
    Do what you must,
    Before vicious Tiger
    Turns you to dust.

    Reject all he offers,
    Come back to the way.
    We're waiting, Dear Dragon,
    Please join us today.

    Come back from the jungle,
    The Tiger and harm.
    We're waiting, Dear Dragon,
    With wide-open arms.

    The path will be twisted,
    And hardships abound,
    With determination as your companion,
    You'll gain the high ground.

    Your new life awaits you,
    Grab on and demand
    That the Tiger who holds you,
    Desist and disband.

    Shuck off your demons,
    Dig deep down inside,
    And know that the Spirit
    Has nothing but pride.

    Pride for the Dragon
    Who was led astray,
    Because Dragon has the courage
    To keep Tiger at bay.

    M. A. D.
    (mother against drugs)
    Cheryl Chartier
    Mother's Day
    May 9, 2004

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    This poem has struck me so very deeply. I am glad to have stumbled upon it. As a young mother of two and a second generation addict, I have many doubts in myself and my success. In front of...

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  14. 34. Girl And Boy

    • By Jessica Dollard
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2015

    I wrote this poem about how addiction for me was a dangerous love affair. I've been clean about 3 1/2 months now.

    Poem About Power Of Drugs

    In her life there was some joy.
    Then one day she met a boy.

    He seemed to take away her tears.
    No longer did she see her fears.

    She didn't realize the control he had.
    This will only end up bad.

    The girl did things she thought she never would.
    Spending all her time in a bad neighborhood.

    The girl would lie, cheat and steal
    Then hope the boy would help her heal.

    Her family told her he was not good news.
    For on her arms she had a bruise.

    He took her dreams and her soul.
    She might as well be in a hole.

    It's time for her to say goodbye.
    For she knows if not, she will die.

    It takes her months to recover.
    For in her mind he does hover.

    The battle was hard to win
    Because the boy was heroin.

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  15. 35. No Excuse...It's The Cocaine

    • By Stanley
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2007

    I wrote this poem to describe the powerful effects of cocaine use, and to remind others that each moment under its influence is wasted life...and that recovery is entirely a new start. Get better before you blame others...

    Effects Of Cocaine Use

    Gone are the years when you were addicted
    Pain still remains of all those inflicted
    Sad are the memories of when you were high
    Hurt are the ones who helped you get by
    No more is the man that no one could fix
    Ashamed are all those who fell for your tricks
    Black is your past with one way to explain
    Lost was your life from the use of cocaine
    Strong are the roots of the place you come from
    Fierce are the habits that you must overcome
    Now is the time you get better and give
    Ahead is your life; without drugs you must live

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  16. 36. Meth User

    • By Amber Hay
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2008

    I wrote this poem while I was in county jail. I got into rehab and was inspired.

    In your everyday life you search for glory.
    I'm addicted to meth and here is my story.
    I went to high school just like you did.
    I even had three kids,
    but still I lacked confidence; I was sick to death,
    so at the age of 20 I was introduced to meth.
    I snorted a line.
    Little did I know how my world would unwind.
    I was spending all my cash on dope.
    It wasn't long till I lost all hope
    I was wheelin' and dealin', breakin' even at best
    I was paying my dealer and doing the rest.
    The relationship with my kids suffered the most
    I was doing so many drugs; we weren't even close.
    Now I'm locked up, cold sober.
    I have the chance to start all over
    I'm going to take the chance to have a life.
    I'm going to start over as Joe Hay's wife.

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  17. 37. Circling The Drain

    • By Pat
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2011

    My father was an alcoholic. Although, at times, I hated him, I always loved him more. As I got older I thought the experience had given me a degree of strength and resilience. I always told myself that I would never end up like my father, good man though he was. As it turns out, I did become my father, for better and worse. Genes, experience and personal laziness trapped me before I knew it. This is my attempt at sober release.

    I walk daily through the same haze
    I know I have lost my way.
    I feel the wet grass beneath my feet
    But the bent blades are gray.

    The grass doesn't bounce back like it should.
    Footsteps remain and the lawn has lost its luster.
    I would take all twelve steps if I could
    But two or three is all I can muster.

    Although the drops are light,
    The rain drops that fall on my shoulders,
    I am overcome by weight and fright.
    Those drops, they pelt me like boulders.

    I grip the bottle with shaking hands
    And pray for color to return to my life.
    I take a sip, making my ludicrous demands,
    While my floating mind thinks of gripping a knife.

    But I don't want to end it all
    And so I look at the sky.
    In between dark clouds the sun is at ball.
    A small sliver of golden light stops, then dances by.

    As I imagine, a cloud takes the shape of my son.
    My beautiful boy is smiling wide.
    The sight makes me want to both stay and run
    But usually I just want to hide.

    Therefore I wait, not yet ready to quit.
    Not yet ready to start either,
    So I take another hit.
    Tomorrow I think...tomorrow will be better.

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    I just gave birth to our second baby ..he was not present during the delivery. I also found out he is still talking to his ex wife and that she too is a meth addict. He was the man of my...

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  18. 38. My Josh

    • By Sue Cushing
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2011

    I think the poem tells the story: drugs stole my son while I was busy working and providing a roof, food, and clothes. He was always so bright, so full of potential, and I blame myself (although HE never has) for not paying closer attention. My naive outlook on life (in particular my own family) made this even harder to deal with.

    The Monster's Name Is DOPE

    In my mind I hold a picture
    Of how we used to be
    For everything you needed
    You could turn to me.
    I still see that sweet faced baby
    And the toddler full of joy
    The charming little person
    And the athletic growing boy.
    Every phase I relished
    Treasuring every day
    All the while knowing
    Someday you'd grow away.

    I guess I wasn't watching
    Not holding up my end
    Because I swear I never saw
    When evil stole in on the wind.
    I sensed something was different
    I knew something was wrong
    But tried to justify my part
    "The Single Mother's Song."
    When I finally woke up
    Nowhere left to hide
    I cried and swore, yelled and begged
    But I was always on your side!

    Through all the broken promises
    The stealing and the lies,
    Somehow I still could find my son
    When I looked into your eyes.
    The phone became my enemy
    Each ring could bring my death
    Because I feared the words I'd hear
    I lived holding my breath.
    The road has not been easy
    But I've always lived in hope
    Because I know you're not the enemy
    The monster's name is DOPE.
    This disease will never leave you
    You'll struggle One Day At A Time,
    You won't always be a junkie
    But you WILL always be MINE.

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    There is something worse than death or jail. It's the land of nothingness full of evil spirits and lost souls. That place where you can't die and you have no one or nothing. This keeps me...

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  19. 39. I Still Love You, Mama

    • By Natasha Carr
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2011

    I'm adopted. My mom chose drugs over me. I was taken away right after she had me. Then she went straight back to jail. I grew up hating her because I just didn't understand why she did those things until one day I finally found my real dad and he told me everything. It wasn't her fault. I understand now that she did love me and that she did want me but drugs took over her life. She did a lot of things that I'm actually ashamed of for her. She gets out of prison when I turn 27; I'm 16 right now.

    Poem About Mother Choosing Drugs Over Child

    I'm 16 and wondering if I fill your shoes
    Moving slowly while avoiding all your wrong moves
    Looking at your pictures feeling nothing but fear
    You're so far away but your love seems near
    Waiting for that day when I can jump into your arms
    Forgetting all the pain, the tears, the harm
    I blame drugs for putting you behind bars
    It took away everything that was meant to be ours
    You gave me away and you now say you want me back
    But just 15 years ago didn't you let me go for crack
    You could have held on tight and told me you loved me
    But now all I'm left with is thoughts of what could be
    Please don't get me wrong, I'm not at all mad at you
    You're my mother, it will always be just us two
    I know God will always protect what's his
    You made mistakes but you're still his kid

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    Wow, this pretty much hit the spot. My mom has been in prison for the past 8 years due to actions she has made from crack and cocaine, me and her are very close now and I love her to death,...

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  20. 40. A Letter To A Young Addict From His Mother

    This is a letter to my son who is an active addict. I hope one day that he will reclaim his life that he once had.

    This letter is dedicated to families
    who have suffered living
    with an addict.
    The unsung heroes who are never recognized,
    whose voices are never heard.
    Without these brave people who sacrifice their lives for their loves ones,
    a lot of people with addictions would be dead.

    It took me a long time to realize
    that you can't cure an addict with logic, reason or love;
    an addict has to surrender
    and seek help for himself,
    while you must look on helplessly,
    while you see your loved one destroy their lives \
    and those around them.

    I Wonder.

    I wonder what you think
    when you see the pain and suffering
    that your addiction is causing to your family;
    do you ever think of stopping?

    I Wonder.

    I wonder what you think
    when your family lies awake at night,
    wondering if you are alive or dead,
    or beaten up by a drug dealer that you owe a debt to;
    would you stop? I wonder.

    You must choose life, not death,
    replace tears with laughter,
    fear with joy, hopelessness with hope,
    freedom instead of prison,
    but only you, my son, can choose this action.

    I pray that you choose a life of calm instead of chaos.

    When you choose life,
    your family will be here
    to rebuild your shattered life
    and help you to build your dreams.

    From Your Loving Mother

    A Letter To A Young Addict From His Mother

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