Addiction Poems about Family

Addiction Poems about Family

Loving an Addict Poems

When a family member becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol, it affects the whole family unit. No one is sure what to do or how to react. This is a often a time to practice tough love. Family members must be firm with the addict in order not to be guilty of becoming enablers for his or her addiction. When the addict reaches rock bottom, he may realize that it is his responsibility to rebuild his life. Now it is up to him claw his way out of the hole he has dug. His friends and family can either help or hinder his efforts.

76 Poems About Overcoming Addiction for Families

  1. 1. Heroin's Sister

    • By Kelsey A. Casper
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2017

    My brother was in and out of recovery for the past 6 years. He was a wonderful soul, but some demons were too strong for him. He was 8 months clean when he had a terrible week and relapsed. One relapse. But it was laced with fentanyl; he died immediately.

    Poem About Brother’s Struggle With Addiction

    I've never touched, tasted, or craved you,
    But I know you.

    I've watched my hero
    Deteriorate in search of you,
    Praying for the oblivion that follows,
    Jumping through obstacles of deceit,
    Torture and heartbreak
    For one moment of relief,
    One moment of silence,
    One moment of peace.

    I've never flirted, danced, or played with you,
    But I know you.

    I've watched my brother
    Stalk, hide, and run from you, all at the same time,
    Not wanting to find you
    But needing to
    For one moment of clarity,
    One moment to breathe,
    One moment to escape.

    I've never listened to your promises, whispers, or songs,
    But I know you.

    I've heard you in his screams,
    Haunting his dreams.
    He just wanted to be free,
    But he was always getting pulled by you.

    I've never touched, tasted, or craved you,
    But oh,
    Do I know you!

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    I immediately caught chills from reading your poem. It brings such sadness upon me. I am so sorry of your loss. Keep every little memory of your brother that you may have and dwell upon those...

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  3. 2. The Ecstasy And The Agony

    • By RandomPoet
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2018

    I never even thought about writing a poem until the death of my son. He struggled with his addiction for about 10 years. His mother and I did all we could to avoid this outcome. It was a time of seemingly endless detox and rehab centers, 3am calls, etc. In the end, he lost his battle. Sadly, there was a kind of "inevitability" about it - to the point that perhaps he found the only way to end his struggle. He was 28 at the time of his death.

    Death Of My Son From Heroin Overdose

    At long last the phone call.
    Then the questions.
    Then comes the thundering roar -
    Of silence in reply.

    The first sleepless night;
    Memories swarm like bees.
    Finally the sun rises
    On the first day that you will never see.

    When did it all
    Take a turn for the worse?
    When did your blessings
    Become such a curse?

    When did the kid with the lemonade stand
    Who loved riding his bike as far as he was able
    Become the kid with the cigarette pack?
    When did "help" turn into "enable"?

    At last you discovered
    That a rush without equal
    Would fulfill all your dreams
    And required only a needle.

    But the needle is a harsh mistress
    And she demands
    Absolute faithfulness
    To her commands.

    Lie, cheat, steal
    All this and more.
    Just to pay homage
    At the foot of her door.

    She WILL NOT be "cured."
    She WILL NOT "go away."
    She WILL haunt you to the grave
    For the rest of your days.

    And what of the kid
    With the lemonade stand?
    He made one fatal choice, which
    Only later did he understand.

    The death of one so young
    May seem sad beyond belief.
    Yet sadder still the fact
    That only death may give relief.

    Would you condemn one so young
    To this life he knows all too well?
    Then God might ask, "What right have YOU
    To sentence him to Hell?"

    Beyond Death's door may lie
    Some realm or land wherein
    The miseries of life are lifted
    And peace is found within.

    But no map of THIS world
    Points the way to such a land.
    Either such a place does not exist
    Or is beyond the ken of Man.

    Can you see that kid upon his bike?
    The joy upon his face?
    Do not begrudge one final rush
    As he races to Death's warm embrace.

    He rides the wave of that mighty rush,
    Misery fading into the past.
    This world of woe not his concern
    As his heart - slowly beats - its last.

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    I am completely taken aback by this poem and your comment. I have a son who just turned 18, and he has been using. His name is also Ethan. My biggest fear is your reality, and my heart goes...

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  5. 3. Husband And The Battle Of Addiction

    • By Julie
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2009

    Dedicated to my husband who is battling addiction.

    Wife On Husband's Addiction

    The words that have yet been spoken,
    the things I need to say
    to voice what's within my heart,
    I just can't find a way.

    I've fought with my emotions,
    I've held them deep inside.
    I didn't want to face what for so long
    you've tried to hide.

    I've been lost within the dark
    for so long I've seen no light.
    Holding on to the memory
    of a time when things were right.

    I've looked upon your face
    and seen the sadness in your eyes,
    the battle of addiction
    you no longer can disguise.

    I've prayed to find the answers
    of what I myself must do.
    And I've prayed for the strength to fight
    through the hell that I go through.

    I've held on for so long,
    but I can no longer watch you die.
    I cannot fight this for you,
    but Lord knows how I've tried.

    It's just so hard to watch the ones you love
    slowly slip away.
    That's why I just blocked it out
    and held onto yesterday.

    I don't have all the answers
    or the power to save your soul.
    You're broken, lost and lonely,
    and I cannot make you whole.

    This fight is yours and yours alone
    no matter what I do,
    for I cannot save you.
    The only one who can is you.

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    Your story is so similar, it's eerie. In 2 years, he has fallen so far. A legitimate opioid prescription taken away made him turn to getting pills without a script. Then, since it was too...

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  6. 4. Because He Loves Cocaine

    • By Melissa Scott
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2009

    I wrote this because I want him to quit.

    Dad Is An Addict

    I can see it in his eyes
    when he comes creeping in.
    He's been somewhere he promised me
    he'd never go again.
    He thinks that I won't know it.
    He thinks that I can't tell.
    But he forgets how many times
    he's put me through this hell.
    The deceit is never-ending.
    The betrayal. Silly lies.
    How can he even sit there
    and look me in the eyes?
    I've cried so many tears.
    I feel all alone.
    He's sitting right beside me,
    but he's not really home.
    This drug has taken over him.
    It's eating up his soul.
    It's made his heart so ugly.
    Black, like a piece of coal.
    I try to stand beside him.
    I try to give him love.
    I beg him to love me more than it,
    but I'm not good enough.
    This burden is so heavy.
    I cannot tell my friends.
    I pray to God to help him.
    I pray it someday ends.
    Please God hear me praying.
    Please God help him soon.
    We have a little baby
    who thinks he hung the moon.
    He is just 8 months old
    and I think it would be sad,
    If a kid as great as him
    has to grow up without a dad.
    But his daddy is slowly dying.
    Killing himself, without a care.
    I wish that he could understand
    that this just isn't fair.
    I have no happiness anymore.
    It's killing me as well.
    We always fight. We never laugh.
    We only scream and yell.
    This is our lives he's tearing apart.
    It's not a funny game.
    It's destroyed our family and killed our love.
    Because he loves "Cocaine."

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    My dad and mom did meth, and they struggled with marijuana. I lost my dad to that. He let the drugs take over, and now I am sitting in foster care for a 3rd year and getting adopted in the...

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  7. 5. Goodbye, Mister Cocaine

    You are not God's gift to recovery, recovery is God's gift to you.

    Poem About Walking Away From Cocaine

    Now who's that knocking on my brain?
    I hope it's not you, Mister Cocaine.
    Because Mr. Cocaine, you and I are through,
    And so is the fake fun that I had with you.

    Now Mr. Cocaine, how could you dare,
    Even have the nerve to come around here?
    Because of you, I lost my wife and kids,
    And I'll never forgive you for what you did.

    For you made me lie, cheat, swindle and steal,
    And you convinced me it was no big deal.
    To lie to my sister and rip off my brother,
    And even steal from my own sweet mother.

    You brought me to places I didn't want to be,
    You made me see things I didn't want to see.
    You made me do things I didn't want to do,
    Like leaving my kids just to hang out with you.

    You promised you'd be there, but you left me alone,
    You didn't even answer when I called on the phone.
    You promised me riches, but you then left me poor,
    And these are the reasons I don't want you anymore.

    So goodbye, Mr. Cocaine and goodbye pain,
    Goodbye to the days of acting insane.
    Goodbye to the nights we spent together,
    Goodbye, Mr. Cocaine and goodbye forever.

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    Wow! You really started using a deadly drug at a very young age. I do congratulate you that you have been clean now for four years. That is a humongous accomplishment for someone who used as...

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  8. 6. My Papa's Waltz

    Theodore Roethke is the small boy in this poem. His father died when he was just fifteen. Roethke struggled with mental illness all his life. His first book of poetry, Open House, was published in 1941. His relationship with his father occupied a large part of his writings.

    In this poem it is unclear if the memories of his drunk father putting him to bed are happy or sad, abusive or merry, scary or sweet.

    Which do you think?

    The whiskey on your breath
    Could make a small boy dizzy;
    But I hung on like death:
    Such waltzing was not easy.

    We romped until the pans
    Slid from the kitchen shelf;
    My mother's countenance
    Could not unfrown itself.

    The hand that held my wrist
    Was battered on one knuckle;
    At every step you missed
    My right ear scraped a buckle.

    You beat time on my head
    With a palm caked hard by dirt,
    Then waltzed me off to bed
    Still clinging to your shirt.

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  9. 7. Vicodin

    • By Alleexx
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2016

    Just another poem about another addiction.

    Being Fooled By Pills

    I thought you were my friend.
    You wouldn't cause any pain,
    but little did I know,
    you'd make me go insane.
    You were just a couple of pills,
    a little more than prescribed.
    You started off as a friend
    but then the demon arrived.
    You put me through hell,
    so I abused even more.
    You made me see things
    that chilled me to the core.
    You portrayed yourself
    as something you're not.
    You helped me be free
    and get rid of my thoughts.
    You showed me a world
    of death, anger, and hate.
    When I realized your plan,
    it was already too late.
    I was addicted to you.

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  10. 8. It's Me

    My partner's 28-year-old son was found dead on the 7th of June after being missing for 11 days. His body was found in a wooded area and was badly decomposed. The family was not allowed to see him or even have a lock of his hair. This was a drug related death, which has left another family torn, devastated, feeling guilty because they couldn't prevent it. It's just another 'junkie' some may say, but no, it's someone's child, someone's brother, and it could happen to any family. More awareness is needed.

    For Family When Addiction Leads To Suicide

    Hey, you guys, don't feel guilty,
    It was just my time to go.
    I can see you're all feeling sad,
    I can see the tears still flow.

    My life's journey ended early,
    The path I chose was short.
    You all tried your best to change it,
    But in the end it was for me to sort.

    I know I caused you sadness,
    I know caused you pain,
    But I was captured by these demons,
    They wouldn't set me free again.

    They took away my freedom,
    They took away my choice,
    And when they got their hooks in,
    You could hear it in my voice.

    There were times I tried to fight them,
    There was a time I nearly won,
    But they came back and overpowered me,
    I had nowhere left to run.

    I haven't really left you guys,
    I am closer than you know,
    I will be the whisper in the wind,
    I will be everywhere you go.

    One day you will all forgive me
    One day you will understand
    And when your time on earth is done
    I will be waiting to take your hand.

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    This poem touched me and fit my situation. My brother, John, died about a year ago on May 12th from an overdose of Heroin laced with Fentanyl. He was 54 years old and had started on drugs...

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  11. 9. My Mother Vs. Meth

    • By Brittany
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2008

    My mother has been addicted to meth for as long as I can remember. It has affected my life in so many bad ways. I wrote this and put it into her mailbox as a way to tell her that I will have nothing to do with her anymore.

    Most days I feel like screaming at the top of my lungs.
    I want my mother back; who is this monster you have become?

    I really haven't known who you are for quite a while,
    But I try to act tough, so I force this fake smile.

    You love someone else way more than me.
    Her name is Crystal Meth, and I don't think she'll ever set you free.

    She's had you in her hands for about 10 years,
    But all of those years are nothing compared to my fear.

    Fear of you lying,
    Fear of you dying,
    Fear of having so much faith in you and just being left crying.

    You wrote me letters from prison and promised the sky.
    More than 3 years later and nothing but lies.

    Nothing but heartache, pain, and misery...
    I GET IT NOW; you chose her over me.

    You've told me to my face that it was drugs over me.
    Even that wasn't enough to make me see.

    Today you will tell me that you are clean.
    You give me so much hope, then tomorrow it's the same ole' dope phen.

    I'm telling you now that I am through with you.
    This comes from my heart and every word of it is true.

    I can't promise that I will be around to see,
    But when you get tired of that meth, you will see.
    All along you had something way better,
    And it was your family.

    I do thank you so much for one thing.
    Thank you for showing me how important a good mother should be
    And to never show my children the pain that you showed me.

    So, today I officially set myself free
    Because I know there's a stronger woman in me.

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    Dear Asia Sherie, I love your message and am inspired by your generosity, enduring love, and positivity. As an adult child of a terribly abusive father and stepMonster, as well as a 4+ year...

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  12. 10. Letter To Meth

    • By Amanda Logsdon
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2018

    I am a 33 year old single mom. I have two younger sisters. My dad raised the three of us on his own. My mother has been a drug addict my whole life. I married a man who became a drug addict two years after we said our vows. I fought for him for 6 years before giving up and divorcing him. My current boyfriend is someone I've known since high school and been in love with since I met him. He is now addicted to Meth. I've never used drugs, but they are constantly destroying me and those I love.

    Impact Of Drug Addiction On Loved Ones

    You don't know me,
    and I promise you never will.
    You've taken over my best friend.
    His soul you're out to steal.

    I tried to keep him away from you.
    I gave him all my love.
    I prayed that I could save him
    with help from up above.

    Since the day he met you,
    he hasn't been the same.
    He's confused and without reason.
    He's caught up in your game.

    You push and pull on his veins,
    moving in and out.
    You are the nightmare in the needle
    he just can't live without.

    You lie to him, and he believes you.
    He thinks you're harmless and fun.
    When he wraps you in his track marked arms,
    he's playing with a loaded gun.

    I don't know if my love can save him.
    You've got a hold so tight,
    but I've been through this all before,
    and I never leave without a fight.

    I believe in a mighty God, I do,
    and he will win in the end.
    I believe his love and mercy
    will one day save my friend.

    If he can learn to love himself
    and extract you from his mind,
    we could move on with our lives
    and leave you far behind.

    If I had my way right now,
    you wouldn't even exist!
    Go back to hell where you belong.
    I bet you won't be missed.

    I hate the pain you've caused my family!
    I hate the way you make him feel.
    You blind his eyes from the truth.
    He's unable to see what's real.

    You don't know me, demon.
    You'll never know my name.
    You don't deserve a second thought.
    I'll never play your evil game.

    But I know you all too well.
    I know exactly who you are.
    We've already been to hell and back
    with you; it's not that far.

    But I'll keep on fighting; God help me.
    I'll keep holding on.
    I'll keep praying he'll give you up
    until one of you are gone.

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    Sweet Lilly, both my parents were and still are and I'm 33 years old. All I've ever wanted was to have normal parents. Somehow I became an addict at the age of 19 to oxicontin and then have...

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  13. 11. Most Fathers

    As a single mother, I wish to dedicate this poem to 2 young sons who are estranged from their father.

    Poem Wishing You Were Like Most Fathers

    Most fathers recall when their children were born -
    that instant bond that could never be torn.

    Most fathers watch as their children grow
    and develop a pride no other would know.

    Most fathers give advice and gently guide,
    helping their kids to take things in stride.

    Most fathers earn the title of dad
    by cherishing small things, even the bad.

    Most fathers strive to do their best,
    thinking how much they have been blessed.

    Most fathers do drink, but not to excess,
    Most fathers are different from you, I guess.

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    My son became a father on 9-9-09 and he has neglected his son because he is always at the bar. He even let him move to Michigan with his mother because he didn't want to take care of him or...

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  14. 12. Dear Daddy...

    • By Jessica Camarena
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2015

    When I grew up my dad was an alcoholic, and I wrote how I felt in this poem back when I was 12. My uncle found my poem and read it to my dad, who turned his life around. I want people to know about this condition and the trauma it can cause to children. I suffered from an anxiety disorder and much paranoia because of what happened with my dad. Please be aware of this and what it can do. Thanks!

    Poem About Choosing Alcohol Over Daughter

    I haven't seen you
    And it kills me,
    But what can I do?
    I can't set you free!

    What could ever set you free
    From that horrible, miserable poison?
    And why can't you see
    That your choice is already chosen?

    You chose it over me,
    Your one and only daughter!
    After just one sip, Daddy,
    You're a monster.

    You say you love me more than anything,
    More than the ocean is deep.
    But after just one sip of that
    You're either violent or you sleep.

    I always looked up to you,
    And now what do I have?
    There's not much I can do
    And now I've lost my dad.

    I don't know if you're alive or dead
    Or if you're wandering the streets.
    You won't believe how many tears I've shed
    Thinking you're in a morgue, covered with a sheet.

    I remember when I was little and I went to your house,
    I didn't realize that brown bag- small as a mouse.
    You brought me back some candy- I ate it and watched T.V.
    That small bag on the counter...and now it causes you to leave me.

    I need you and want you to know:
    Please don't leave me,
    Please don't go!
    I don't want you to miss out on what you could be,
    So please open your eyes and start to see!

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  15. 13. Words Of A Silent Killer

    • By Jessica Eck
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2015

    When I was twelve years old, I was addicted to meth. I did it every day until I was fifteen years old. My mother left me and my father died, so I had no one. I only had drugs. I was 15 years old and checked into rehab at 5'9" and only 90 pounds. They told me that I was so close to dying and that they never saw that amount of meth in a child's body before. I wrote this describing my life on meth. This poem is a lot longer, but I couldn't fit all of it. I am now four years sober.

    Poem About Meth Controlling A Person

    You think you have control,
    But I am the one who has it.
    You do not, not in the least bit.
    I make you cry because if I don't, then people wonder why.
    You thought you were loved, but now you're lost.
    I took over you mind, and that was your cost.
    You are so blind; people have told you, but you didn't listen.
    Now I laugh because your eyes don't even glisten.
    I am the reason you cannot sleep.
    I am pain that hurts so bad,
    But you are in too deep.
    You never knew what you had; you looked to see.
    Now you're the person you're not wanting to be.
    I am the reason why you can't love,
    Because you don't know what's up above
    You love me and no one else.
    I took your life away
    On that very first day.
    I still have control; I am your confession.
    You sold your soul to me,
    Which led you into deep depression.
    You'll never be free
    Because you belong to me.
    I long for you to relapse
    As I push you down until you collapse.
    I am the reason you can't look people in the eyes
    Because I make you wear a disguise.
    I keep you locked in a cage,
    Which causes you to have a deep rage.
    I made you feel unaware, and I really don't care.
    I am all you fear,
    Which causes you all these tears.
    I am always right, so you think.
    I make you so scared you cannot blink.
    I took away all your trust,
    Made it so you could only lust.
    I don't care how you feel,
    Because, between you and me, you will never heal.
    I tear you down inside, which all you can do is deny.
    I knew you would come to me on the day of your birth.
    I took all you were ever worth.
    You think you are okay, but I have something to say.
    You thought you were bold.
    Now you're sitting here crying, wondering why I am so cold.
    I took you away from all your youth.
    I also made it so you could never tell the truth.
    I am the reason that causes you death.
    I sneak upon and take your last breath.
    Can you guess who I am?
    I am Crystal Meth.

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    I began to use meth when I was 16. Growing up as a child, it seemed as though I wasn't loved or cared for. Violence took a toll in the family. Father was a meth addict. Mother was an...

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  16. 14. I'll Be Fine

    • By Llyos Ellen
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2017

    After my parents divorced, my mother wanted to be young again, so she started going to bars 4 nights a week. She started getting into drugs and heavy drinking. She took her anger out on me when she got home from the bar. It was my job to protect my younger siblings. The last stretch was when she attacked me in my own room and choked me. My siblings and I filed a TRO and we have all moved in with other family members. Poetry helps me express what I can't say to her.

    Mom Becoming A Different Person

    Being born into your arms,
    I felt my life was out of harm.
    Felt that you would never hurt your baby.
    Now that never has turned to maybe.

    You have grown out of the old and into a new life.
    Not my father's but someone else's wife.
    Your new choices we just could not hinder.
    Your heart is now as cold as a block of cinder.

    The new decisions you have chosen to make
    Have turned the woman I loved into a fake.
    Which face do you use when you go out?
    The same face you use when you pout?

    Fake as the lips on your face of two,
    How could you throw your life away just out of the blue?
    Three human beings have part of your heart.
    Every time you raise that glass to your lips, you are tearing them apart.

    This is the path that you have chosen.
    The blood in your veins is now frozen.
    Leave this life of mine.
    I promise, Mommy, I'll be fine.

    I have learned from you
    What not to do.
    I will watch over and guide the other two.
    We will eventually get over what you put us through.

    Enjoy the life you lead with your new half
    While everyone joins in for a good laugh.
    Keep bringing that glass to your lips.
    Listen to the band and move your hips.

    Do not worry about me in the meantime.
    Do not worry, Mommy, I'll be fine.

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  17. 15. Mommy Loved Her Children

    This is a tragic tale about a family ravished by drug addiction. Three generations of this family were affected as if the addiction simply changed hands. Please note this story has no antagonist other then the drug. The mother is a victim in the identical way as the children, she is not the "bad guy." The ending is a judgement from the mind of a young child who doesn't have the ability to reason, empathize, or understand. If you lacked those skills as well would you come to the same conclusion?

    Poem About A Family Devastated By Drug Addiction

    One pill, two pills, three pills, four.
    The children are counting Xanax pills they pick off the floor.

    Mommy's sister committed suicide in 2009; that's when this all started.
    She's in the corner crying like a young girl so incredibly broken-hearted.
    Her husband was a heroin addict; he left them a long time ago.
    Now depression and anxiety are the only emotions the children show.
    She did not start doing drugs for fun; it was only after her reality shattered,
    But it all ends the same way; her reason for starting no longer mattered.
    She went to her counseling sessions once a week.
    She spent most of the session crying too hard to speak.

    One pill, two pills, three pills, four.
    The children tell the teachers they can't eat because they're poor.

    Mommy makes a lot of money, but the money never makes it home.
    She has zero friends but 6 drug dealers programmed into her phone.
    She'll give them anything for a fix, even if it's her own body.
    Parents set the example for the children; it's your life they will copy.
    She thought it was just a temporary solution and she'd be able to quit,
    But she didn't find a solution, just another problem added to the list.
    She wanted to give her children the life she never had.
    Instead, she emotionally abandoned them the same way as their dad.

    One pill, two pills, three pills, four.
    Child Protective Services is at the front door.

    Mommy's pushing pill bottles under the couch as the bell continues to ring.
    CPS's intentions were good, but in the end it was only more pain they would bring.
    What's a child without their parents, a child in a foster home?
    Proof of a broken society, children who are forced to go through this alone.
    Electricity had been shut off for months; she frantically scrambles for matches to light a candle.
    She went through this exact experience when she was a child; it was just too much for her to handle.
    She yells toward the front door as she frantically brushes her hair.
    Then the door opens and the children learn firsthand that life isn't fair.

    One pill, two pills, three pills, four.
    Mommy turned to heroin when the pills weren't enough anymore.

    Children in foster care, ex-husband still has 4 years left in prison.
    Getting her children back should have been her first and only mission,
    But it wasn't, and drugs being her only way to cope only compounded the problem.
    Once she had the ambition to reach the top; now her habit had her anchored at the bottom.
    The children don't remember their dad and their sickly thin mom they can no longer recognize.
    One stormy night she ran out of drugs and couldn't stop the tears streaming from her eyes.
    Alone in a cold, empty room with no drugs to help her cope,
    She took her own life like her sister, simply because they ran out of dope.

    One pill, two pills, three pills, four.
    Mommy loved her children but she loved her drugs more.

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    Same here. The full poem was actually 4 pages long; a lot of the story was cut out to meet the size limit. The point where the children decided she chose the drugs over them was because of...

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  18. 16. My Husband's Mistress - Alcohol

    • By Crystal Campbell
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2017

    Wife of an alcoholic at the end of my rope. As Lee Brice sings "Hard to Love," I vowed until death do we part, but I can't sit and watch someone so selfishly sit around and slowly commit suicide. I would much rather the mistress be a real woman than a can of beer.

    Message To Husband About His Addiction

    Last night we argued once again,
    But it's really nothing new.
    We argued the night before that
    And tons more before that, too.
    Your alcohol addiction
    Has taken over your life.
    That can of beer is your "mistress,"
    And I am just a wife.
    You refuse to see the issues
    This "mistress" causes daily.
    It consumes your every thought
    And is causing pain within our family.
    You wake up sober and smiling
    And say you love the life we're living.
    Our dreams have all come true,
    And we're blessed with all we've been given.
    But as the day slowly goes on
    Your body begins to shake.
    It NEEDS to feel that "mistress,"
    So the alcohol demon awakes.
    The "mistress" grabs ahold of your hand
    And swears "she" can make it better,
    But with every top that I hear pop
    I wish you'd never met "her."
    Your attitude changes dramatically,
    Especially towards me, your wife.
    You start to act completely miserable
    And scream, "I hate my life."
    You forget the things we talk about,
    The things you say and do.
    The drunk I see every single night
    Is far from the MAN I once knew.
    Your addiction is taking over our lives.
    This is an obvious fact.
    It's taking away our good memories
    And time we can't get back.
    You know you have a problem but say,
    "It's just a part of life."
    Fact is, I will never be the "mistress,"
    And I'm not sure how much longer I can be the wife.

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    Thank you for this. It helps to know I am not alone.

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  19. 17. If You Knew...

    • By Nikki Costello
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2016

    Throughout my life, many of my closest family and friends have suffered at the viscous hands of addiction, so I've written many poems relating to it. This is my personal take on it...

    Addiction Is Deceitful

    Welcome, welcome,
    step right up.
    I'll give you confidence,
    I'll bring you luck!

    I'll be your friend,
    A companion for life.
    I'll never desert you
    Through your times of strife.

    Once you have chosen me
    You'll never look back.
    Soon you'll be hooked
    And then I'll really attack!

    I'll strip all your dignity,
    Morals and pride.
    I'll claim your soul;
    You'll feel dead inside.

    I'm clever, I'm cunning,
    I'm patient, I'm quick.
    Once I've got a grip on you,
    You'll soon become sick.

    I'll take your money,
    You'll beg, steal and lend.
    You'll belong to me now,
    And this nightmare won't end.

    By the time that you realize
    I'm not what I claim,
    You'll be in the depths of despair
    And this beast won't be tamed.

    The feelings of self-loathing
    Will become too much to bear,
    But you chose to befriend me.
    Yes, you put me there.

    I'll take you places
    You didn't know to be real.
    I'll drag you down lower
    Than you thought possible to feel.

    If you knew this from the beginning,
    Would you have stepped onto my ride?
    Roll up, roll up,
    You must quickly decide

    I promised we'd be friends,
    Said I'd be loyal and true,
    But you didn't even ask my name.
    .....I'm ADDICTION, that's who.

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  20. 18. That's Right I'm The Daughter Of An Addict

    • By JustBree
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2017

    A few months ago, I found out my mom was doing drugs. I didn't know what to do or what to feel, so I just wrote, and this is what came out.

    As I went away,
    You wasted another day.
    I guess I wasn't as important
    As you used to say.

    You were given a choice:
    Either them or me.
    But they blinded you,
    And you just couldn't see

    That I needed you.
    Why did you need them?
    I wished I'd been enough
    To save you from being condemned.

    You didn't care.
    Maybe you never did,
    Because instead of being there for me,
    You ran with them and hid.

    I can't sleep.
    I can only cry,
    Because when I close my eyes,
    I can see you die.

    My dreams begin with you lying alone,
    Pills scattered on the floor.
    I hold my breath,
    And gently close the door.

    And then they end
    With my waking up in tears.
    How long do you have?
    Probably not years.

    I don't want to say it.
    It hurts to admit,
    But you just couldn't quit.
    That's right, I'm the daughter of an addict.

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  21. 19. Mommy's Found

    "Mommies Found" is the respondent poem to "Hide and Seek," which I wrote for my kids asking for their forgiveness. This was the process I took in order to find forgiveness within myself for the downfall I allowed my addiction to take on me and my family.

    Poem Asking Children For Forgiveness For Being An Addict

    My child, I'm right here,
    Looking for reasons for the things I've done,
    Why I went to the places I did,
    and how my feelings kept me away for so long.

    My child, I'm right here.
    My eyes are clear now, and I see where I went wrong.
    I take one look at you; how could I have left you alone?
    Take my hand so I can let you know that my love for you is strong,
    And I will never again leave you to take all this on.

    My child, I'm right here.
    Please believe me that none of this is your fault,
    That mommy was sick and needed some help,
    Your beautiful face gave me hope to finally get better and stand up strong,
    To come at you truly and admit all of my wrongs.

    My child, I'm right here.
    Come into my arms so I can finally protect you from all of your fears.
    And help you believe and understand that I am now here to wipe away your tears.

    My child, I'm right here.
    I ask for your forgiveness and to give me this chance,
    To show you how much I love you and I'll never leave you again,
    So always and forever, always together, our hearts can now finally dance.

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  22. 20. Till Meth Do We Part

    • By Lowell Aguirre
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2008

    This is just a glimpse in to the love-hate relationship I have with my addiction to the ever popular Crystal Meth. I love to write and I am a recovering addict, at least for today. But like they say, "TAKE IT ONE DAY AT A TIME."

    I have a love for meth that no one can understand.
    And nothing in this world can make me feel the way she can.
    Since the first time I met her I knew she was the one.
    Never questioning or judging me despite the things I've done.
    No matter what I'm going through, I know she's always there.
    Like two peas in a pod, I think we make the perfect pair.
    When I'm with her, I'm invincible, having not the slightest fear.
    She fills my head with lies, so my problems seem to disappear.
    And sometimes she leaves me lonely, so much I've wished for death.
    And fills me with diabolical voices who scream madness in my head.
    But like I said before and repeat but once again,
    No one understands unless they've been through where I've been.
    On the brink of insanity filled with anger, rage, and hate.
    On the path of a dead man or another prison inmate.
    But be that as it may, either prison life or death,
    Nothing will ever break this bond of love for my darling Crystal Meth.
    And as she slowly takes my life, I bid farewell goodbye.
    But you can bet your bottom dollar on my deathbed I'll be HIGH!

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    Thank you for your sharing your words! I am an addict and have struggled with it most of my life. I came from a very privileged home and had every opportunity handed to me, but I was hiding...

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