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Missing You Poem For Him And Her

When you are separated from someone you love, it is not unusual to wake up every day with a strange ache in your chest along with thoughts of them. Missing someone is never easy. In fact, when you miss someone, your mind seems incapable of thinking of anyone or anything else. For some people, missing a loved one is accompanied by a deep sadness that reminds them of their inability to be with that person again. For a lucky few, missing someone only makes their love grow stronger until they are finally reunited.


Words I've Never Said

You're The Only One For Me

Is it strange to say
I sleep just to dream of you?
One day hoping I wake up
To it coming true.
From the look in your eyes,
Yeah, the sparkle,
To the baby blue.

Would you call me strange,
If I said
I want to marry you?
Walking down that aisle,
Then saying I do.

Or the fact you make my heart fly,
Every time I see you?
Would you call me weird
if I'd walk a mile
Just to see your smile?

My heart is in half.
The piece missing is yours,
Like a house without walls,
Ceiling or floors.
Yeah, I'm incomplete.
Like a heart with no beat,
Feeling obsolete.

I take no pride in what I do,
Just for the simple reason,
It's not for you.
So alone and cold,
Nowhere to turn,
Smiles never cross my face,
Emotions left stern.

You say this will get easier.
When does that start?
I still feel broken,
With these cracks on my heart.

The walls around my emotions,
Being built so high,
Blocking everyone out,
Yet all they can ask is why.
Acting like they know me,
Acting like they care.
When I know for a fact,
You're the only one ever there.

When things got hard,
They'd all run away,
Leaving me alone,
Not giving the time of day.
All of these words
I've never said,
But there's one thing that replays
In my head.

I'll love you until the end,
Through all of this tragedy.
To me you're perfect.
Until my dream is a reality,
There's no one else for me,
Other than you



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I am touched........ no story to add. Speechless I am.... As I was going through this poem, I was reliving my relationship and the ups and downs that we had. I am not strong enough to come...

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