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Whatever you do, don't get stuck in the past. If you don't like where you are at, don't stay there. Move on. Admittedly, this is hard to do, sometimes it can even seem impossible, but it's not. Acknowledge your feelings and accept them, but let them go. Seek closure and forgive. Do things that make you happy. Take a trip, read a great book, or watch movies. Meet new people and appreciate yourself. Life is a gift that doesn't last forever. Make sure you live it to the fullest, even if that means letting go of someone who was dear to you.


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  1. A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

    • By Jo
    • Published: November 2013
    When A Friend Need To Move On Poem

    The hopeful glimmer in your eyes,
    hoping he will recognize.
    The way you smile just for him,
    knowing deep down the chance is slim....

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  3. Distant Love

    • By Arielle Gold
    • Published: February 2014
    Poem About Long Distance Love Not Working

    Love is so complicated
    It makes me so frustrated
    But when I'm with you, everything is right
    And that is why; I wish to be with you tonight...

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    I am 17 to me love has always been hurting. The one I truly loved I had to let him go cause I had to move to a new country. It became a bit hard for us to talk. We turned insecure and I guess...

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  4. Tell Me

    • By Cassandra Starr
    • Published: October 2011
    Tell Me Were you In Love With Me

    Tell me what we had wasn't real
    Tell me what we had you didn't feel
    Tell me what we had isn't worth the tears
    Tell me what we had was nothing but a lie...

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  6. Clean Of Love

    • By Renee
    • Published: October 2011

    My time with you I thought was a wonderful new experience
    After all you were the second I ever loved
    You knew all the right things to say and do to make me smile
    Without you around it drove me insane...

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  7. Healed

    • By Rakiyyah S Jeter
    • Published: February 2011

    In my mind it replays
    In my heart it lays
    In my soul it stays
    so I just sit and reminisce on the good days...

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    I didn't really like the end. The language...uh...not to my liking. Kind of soils the perfect flow, you know?

  8. Waking Dream

    • By Rachel C.
    • Published: September 2013
    Can't Stop Dreaming About You Poem

    So tired, but unable to sleep
    Too hot, then too cold
    Can't get comfy; too sore to move
    Eyes closed, but nothing happens...

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  10. Fishbowl

    Poem About Being In A Toxic Controlling Relationship

    I was drowning in the sea.
    You took one look then suffocated me.
    Bubbles came in through my mouth as I screamed.
    They exited my nose when I tried to breathe.

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  11. First Kiss

    • By Monica
    • Published: February 2011

    I gave you my very first kiss
    But it meant nothing to you
    And when you told me those things
    I believed that they were true...

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    This happened to me too. He took my first kiss and twisted my thinking and convinced me to run away with him. It never worked. I found out he had another girlfriend and she was pregnant....2...

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  12. The Shatter Of My Tear

    • By Elysa
    • Published: February 2015
    Poem About Being Afraid To Love Again

    Afraid to love
    Afraid to hold
    All the stories untold
    Why am I afraid

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    This poem really touched my emotions. I'm a 23 year old guy. I was deeply in love with one girl in our neighborhood; we had been dating for 2 years, I loved her, trusted her, called her a...

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  13. I'm Sorry

    • By Courtney Howarth
    • Published: March 2012
    Poem For Boyfriend Whose Brother Died

    How can you say that you cared?
    From the very start you were the only thing I feared.
    Feeling so confident thinking it would all be okay,
    from that very moment is when it all drifted away....

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