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Many people face extremely difficult problems on a daily basis, which can be emotionally exhausting. Cutting to feel physical pain may quickly become preferable to feeling deep emotional anguish every day. If you have succumbed to cutting, you might find it quickly turns into a dangerous addiction. It takes courage to identify the source of your emotional pain and get help, but it is worth it. Recovery can take months or even years, but this is a battle you can win. Confiding in a trusted friend or your parents, even if it means writing down your feelings in a letter is one positive step towards recovery.



Poem About Beauty Inside

she doesn't understand her beauty inside
so she cries
All them tears that fall from her eyes
And the pain she tries to hide

A few know about her thoughts
And the scars on her body
from the people who taunt

She wants to stop her only relief
But with all the grief
she feels within
it's harder to stop
Then it is to begin

Her parents don't understand
And so they just shout
And make her feel even more worthless
And full of doubt

She tried to explain a thousand times
But is never able to seem to find
What will make them listen
Instead of fight.

so this poem is ending
Lets all find a alternative
from the sharp tools across our skin
And hopefully you will notice
All the beauty within.



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Hi, I'm 13 and I've been bullied every day of my life and I cut to deal with the grief of it. Recently, everyone at my school started writing terrible things in the girl's bathroom. I've...

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