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Poems about Stopping Cutting

Many people face extremely difficult problems on a daily basis, which can be emotionally exhausting. Cutting to feel physical pain may quickly become preferable to feeling deep emotional anguish every day. If you have succumbed to cutting, you might find it quickly turns into a dangerous addiction. It takes courage to identify the source of your emotional pain and get help, but it is worth it. Recovery can take months or even years, but this is a battle you can win. Confiding in a trusted friend or your parents, even if it means writing down your feelings in a letter is one positive step towards recovery.


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  1. Escape

    • By Shauna Jay Andersen
    • Published: December 2013
    Poem About Beauty Inside

    she doesn't understand her beauty inside
    so she cries
    All them tears that fall from her eyes
    And the pain she tries to hide

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    In response to those young ladies or young men who did not get the support you needed when you needed it, there are many who are hiding, hurting, and are seeking a safe place to heal or get...

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  3. What Really Goes On

    We all have a friend
    Who's silver and shines
    It pierces our skin
    And draws the red lines...

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    I totally get this. I hadn't cut for ages but did it again the other day. To all cutters, remember to stay strong.

  4. Breaks Me

    • By Raeanne Laudato
    • Published: September 2011
    Beating The Cutting Addiction

    I walk through these halls, I take note of it all.
    I notice the tans, the fads and even those designer bags.
    I hear the names being called, I notice the lies.
    I feel the heavy atmosphere full of rumors and hidden lives....

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    i used to cut deep that t would scar i passed out one day my mom found me and called the ambulance i told her that i slipped and accidentally cut myself with some scissors and she believed me...

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  6. Letter From A Razor

    While you were away today,
    Some unkind words were said.
    My orders you surely did disobey
    When you left me on your bed....

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    I'm not a former cutter I am a cutter but even though I am in counseling every time I feel hurt and in pain I do it again. I tried to commit suicide 5 times before I was going for the 6th but...

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  7. The Addiction

    • By Erica Echols
    • Published: December 2013
    Poem About Addiction To Self Harm

    there is never a last cut not for me,
    fighting the depression,
    hearing your name,
    I cut again after fighting it for 3 months...

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    Yeah, I go through it, too. I have gotten sent away twice, and it hasn't helped. I got caught up in drugs and I'm only 13. I tried to overdose twice; it never worked. I know what you go...

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  8. Her Habit

    • By Rachel
    • Published: February 2013
    Poem To Best Friend About Cutting

    It controls her.
    She can't stop it.
    It's a constant battle.
    She can't drop it....

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    My friend came to me about her cutting during our freshman year in high school. She showed me her thigh, and I was scared to death for her. I tried my best to help her feel better, but I know...

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  10. My Name

    Addicted To Cutting

    I take away beauty
    I take away lives
    I tear apart families
    You'll live in my lies

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    I'm a cutter. I've tried everything to stop or try to stop but it's just like smoking. It kills!! I know that. It even tears lives apart. But it's just like my only friend so if anybody who...

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  11. Just One

    • By Grace
    • Published: May 2009
    Writing Poetry Instead Of Cutting

    They scream louder this time,
    and there's nothing you can do.
    You know you are everything they never wanted,
    And it's just so clear to you....

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    I've been cutting for 6 years, and recently was able to stop. It's been almost a year now and this poem still just made me tear up. I definitely spent my whole life feeling like no one wanted...

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  12. Monster

    • By Emobitch01
    • Published: March 2012
    Cutting Poem Written For A Friend

    As she lies bleeding on the floor
    She promised she would do no more
    Harm to herself she really tried
    But even she knew that she had lied...

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    I cut too... but I'm hoping to stop soon. I cut because my mom and my dad got divorced and my mom's bf abused me sexually, physically, and emotionally and I haven't seen my mom and my baby...

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  13. Pain, Cuts, And Scars

    • By Destiny Bumpus
    • Published: June 2012

    The blood doesn't pour out anymore,
    But the scares still show,
    Will these wounds heal or be forever sore,
    The memories shine a bright glow....

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    This an amazing poem. I'm sorry that this happened to you but I'm glad that you have your boyfriend to support you. Stay strong!

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