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  1. Strength

    • By Teagan Delgado
    • Published: October 2012
    Poem About How To Stop Cutting

    She hurts and she cries
    No one sees the depression in her eyes
    The little girl smiles for everyone to see
    While she asks herself "why is it so hard to be me?"...

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  3. Out With The Old And In With The New

    Poem About Finding The Real You

    I blocked out happy and I blocked out sad.
    People told me to open my eyes and see what I could've had.
    As it spun and as it twirled,
    Round and round went my misunderstood world.

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  4. The Girl, Her Story

    • By Hannah Taylor
    • Published: September 2013
    Poem About Recovery From Cutting And Anorexia

    Everyone hurries with smiles and laughs;
    but the girl just passes so solemn.
    One day after the other, the kids seem so happy;
    but the girl just remains the same....

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  6. Behind The Mirror

    • By Lana
    • Published: June 2012

    Behind the mirror is a girl
    Who looks a bit like me
    But I'm a bit more real
    And darker inside, see?...

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    Featured Shared Story

    Poetry does replace cutting sometimes. Since I started writing I don't cut half as much as I used to. Only sometimes the pain inside of me is so, SO much! Every time I reach for my blade I...

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  7. Screaming For Pain

    • By Anais
    • Published: March 2011

    The beads of blood,
    the stains in my heart,
    I cover the scars,
    family is the only one I hurt....

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    I'm 13 and I had suicidal thoughts. I was picked on from the first day of kindergarten until 5th grade, because of my weight and stuff, and then my biological dad overdosed on drugs and left...

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  8. It Was Obvious

    • By Cassondra Lee Dejesus
    • Published: July 2012

    I walked through the hallway holding my wrists,
    hoping no one will see me like this.
    He looks at me, scared what he'll find.
    He never thought I had these things in mind.

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    We have so much in common,and just so you know, I know exactly how you feel, and just like you I'm good at acting being fine and perfect. My family does not know how I feel, for I keep on...

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