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My Uncle Is Slowly Drinking Himself To Death

This is a sad poem about my uncle whose liver is failing and is slowly drinking himself to death. My uncle has been warned and figures that his wife is going to leave him, his family is going to abandon him. He has not yet died, but this is my prediction. I loved him he was always there for me. If you know what it is like to deal with this, this poem could hit home and you know what I am feeling.

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It Was Your Choice

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Published: March 2009

When you came to visit you seemed just fine
But what we didn't know was that you were slowly drinking your life away
You have been like a second father to me
A second friend, an extra shoulder to cry on
So why are you still drinking from that bottle
The doctors said NO; this was your final chance of life
Why when God gave you a second chance of life you secretly wanted it to end
We all love you, and as we sit here and wait, the only thing we see is this sad underlying story
Of a man who no longer felt life was worth living
So we really don't mind now if it is your time to go
We all tried our hardest
But now we are letting you go
If you feel this is the right decision then we support you
But just remember your daughter will be sitting, never able to forgive you
Your son is so young he will never be able to understand
Your wife still loves you
We all loved you, so please don't go
But if that is the choice, the decision you make, we have no say in it anymore
So your last and final words we hear are IM SORRY as you take your final sip that slipped you in a body bag


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