Chase Your Dreams

Quotes & Poems That Encourage You To Follow Your Dreams

14 Quotes & Poems That Encourage You To Follow Your Dreams

We all have dreams that we want to achieve. Sometimes we need the courage, inspiration, and motivation to chase a dream that has gotten pushed to the side.

  1. I Follow My Dreams

    Work To Make Your Dreams A Reality

    in Dream Poems by Teens

    I get laughed at,
    I get ignored,
    I often feel trapped,
    and I keep my thoughts stored.

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    It's a year late in response, and I apologize for that. I haven't checked on this poem for 5 years. I am 20 now...I gave up my love for writing. The world has beaten me down and...

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  3. Dreams

    Poem Encouraging You To Keep Dreaming

    in Dream Poems

    The smallest, most simple dream
    Is worth being achieved.
    The smallest grain of faith
    Is actually all it takes.

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  4. Dreaming

    • By Johnitha Anderson
    • Published: March 2008
    Poem About Living Your Dreams

    in Dream Poems

    Close your eyes and spread your wings.
    Make a wish and dream good dreams.
    Don't ever say you'll never tell.
    'Cause life is short and very frail.

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    It described me. I prefer to be asleep than to be awake. Sometimes it just hurts too bad. Dreaming has became the joy of my life. Even though I know that I'm 'living' something that does not...

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  6. Don't Quit

    Motivation And Inspiration To Fulfill Your Dreams

    in Inspirational Poems

    When times are hard, you might stop for a bit,
    But it's not over until the moment you quit.
    On a river's bridge, failures are the planks;
    Take one step at a time until you reach its banks.

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Follow Your Dreams Quote

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Follow your dreams,
reach for the stars.
but never forget
where you came from.

- Audrea Harvey

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