ABCB Rhyme Scheme

20 Definition And Examples Of Poems That Use ABCB Rhyme Scheme

These poems use the ABCB rhyme scheme. The ending words of lines two (B) and four (B) rhyme with each other. They are assigned the same letter (B) because they are "related" through rhyme. While the end words in lines one (A) and three (C) do not rhyme with each other and are therefore assigned different letters.

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  1. Growing Up With Grandma

    • By Candy Canan
    • Published: February 2006

    in Adoption Poems

    I don't know when it happened.
    I don't know when she came,
    But she's the one I always knew.
    Grandma was her name.

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    This a was beautifully written piece. It "touched me" as the question asked. It also made me think about what my Grandma has been doing for me. This is encouraging, good work.

  2. The Gift Of Life

    • By Marni Fults
    • Published: August 2009

    in Abortion Poems

    I received a gift from a stranger,
    A stranger I did not know.
    I had heard his name before,
    But just in passing, so I let it go.

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    I am so sorry that you're sad. I can hear it in your words. The pain you feel is valid and very real. You're so brave to express it. I'm praying for you right now. God is not mad at...

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  3. As One

    • By Samantha M. Hann
    • Published: January 9, 2019
    Holding Onto Memories After A Friend's Passing

    in Loss of a Friend Poems

    It's okay to miss you,
    It's okay to cry.
    Just know I'll never forget you.
    This isn't a permanent goodbye.

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  4. Nobody Knows

    The Pain Of Leaving Someone You Love

    in Hurting Poems

    Nobody knows it's empty,
    The smile that I wear.
    The real one is left behind in the past
    Because I left you there...

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    I've been alone for several years now. I'm a single father of 2 wonderful children, ages 16 and 14. I was diagnosed with a terminal illness not long ago and given a time frame to live. Not...

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  5. I Wish I Weren't Alone

    • By Jo
    • Published: June 2011
    Loneliness Hurts Poem

    in Alone Poems

    Analysis of Form and Technique

    Once when I was little,
    I was happy and carefree.
    I used to run around laughing
    Until it was time for tea.

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    I hope your life has changed now. What I have learned about life is whatever situation, no matter how gloomy it may be, in the end it will all pass. I also went through that depressing route....

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  7. If I Could Tell You

    • By Krystal
    • Published: July 2009
    I Love My Best Guy Friend

    in Just Friends Poems

    When I see you in the morning,
    it brightens up my day.
    There are so many thoughts on my mind,
    so many words I want to say.

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    When I met my guy best friend there was something about him. The way he talked to me. The way he smiled. The way he walked. I fell in love with him. On Homecoming, we went to the dance...

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  8. Bonds Of Friendship

    • By Craig Burkholder
    • Published: January 2014
    Poem About Reuniting With Best Friend

    in Special Friend Poems

    From the day that I first knew you,
    Your heart was pure and kind;
    Your smile was sweet and innocent,
    Your wit was well refined.

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    I wanted to send a longtime friend a Valentine poem and "accidentally" came across this beautiful poem that expressed my thoughts so perfectly. We met as teenagers almost 50 years ago and...

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  9. Will You Ever?

    • By Kaitlyn M. Yawn
    • Published: February 2006

    in Special Friend Poems


    I don't think you will
    Ever fully understand
    How you've touched my life
    And made me who I am.

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    This poem brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. It said everything I wanted to say but never knew how to put it in words. It showed so much love and gratitude and much more. Continue...

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  10. To Fill Her Heart With Hope

    in Husband Death Poems

    She got up this morning,
    sun shining through the blind.
    She took a look in the mirror,
    and something crossed her mind.

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    This wonderful morning I woke up realizing you're two hours away, sick, and unable to play. I said my prayers and begged God to keep you safe and to heal all your strife and illness away. A...

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  11. Friendship: One Of God's Greatest Gifts

    • By Lauren Manning
    • Published: September 2008
    Friends Since Childhood Poem

    in Childhood Friend Poems

    I was the young age of three,
    and oh, so very small.
    I knew almost nothing,
    nothing at all.

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    I think this was beautiful, and I'm eleven! My friend and I had this exact experience.
    Thank you for this amazing poem.

  12. When I'm With You

    • By Blakelee
    • Published: January 2008
    Being In Love Poem

    in True Love Poems


    In your arms,
    I'm in my safe haven.
    With you holding me tight,
    I have no other craving.

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    Hello dear,
    Have I told you yet how much you mean to me? You're my heart, you're my soul, and you're like the moon which shine down to me days and nights. I have seen your love, touched it,...

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  13. To A Terrific Dad

    • By David L. Helm
    • Published: February 2006

    in Father Child Poems

    Analysis of Form and Technique

    To a dad who is terrific,
    To a dad who's real neat,
    To a dad who makes the best of things,
    Even when they're not so sweet!

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  14. Words Are Not Enough

    True Love Once In A Lifetime Poem

    in Love Poems about Marriage


    No words could ever tell you,
    No action could express
    The way I feel about you.
    With you, my life is blessed.

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    I love this poem. It is exactly the words I have been searching for to send to my future husband, Mike.

  15. Just One More Day

    • By Tanya Heasman
    • Published: February 2008
    Wanting Another Day With A Loved One

    in Family Death Poems

    Sitting sadly on my bed
    Listening to the wild winds blow,
    Crying bitterly behind my hair,
    Trying not to let it show.

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    I know how you feel what you wrote in this poem is the same thing I do , nobody takes death like me and I'm so young. His death actually hurts me some times I cant wait to see him until I go...

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  16. Take Me Back

    Having Regrets After Ending A Relationship

    in I'm Sorry Love Poems

    How could I be so stupid
    To let you slip away?
    I had you in my arms,
    But I let you slip away.

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    This poem is really sad. I dated this boy. I’m not going to say that I didn’t love him because I truly did with all my heart, but everything was in a text. We never talked, and it made me...

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  17. You Are My Sunshine

    • By Donna Donathan
    • Published: May 2008

    in Sweet Love Poems


    You brought me sunshine
    when I only saw rain.
    You brought me laughter
    when I only felt pain.

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  18. God's Gift To Me

    • By Kerry R. DeVore
    • Published: February 2006

    in Sweet Love Poems


    You are my sunshine.
    You are my shining star.
    Everything I'm not,
    You are.

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    The poem conveys the intensity of feelings in a sweet and calm manner. That's the beauty of conveyor. The poem delights the reader's heart. I, myself, feel on cloud nine after reading this...

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  19. You

    • By Bryce Jennings
    • Published: December 2007
    Love Poem To Girlfriend

    in Girlfriend Poems

    It's that look in your eye.
    It's the smile on your face
    That makes time slip by,
    And I know I'm in a better place.

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  20. Climb Every Mountain

    Overcoming Obstacles

    in Courage Poems

    We all have a massive mountain to climb,
    Especially those who've lost someone dear.
    But climb that big mountain, we surely must,
    If we are going to overcome fear.

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  21. Crimson Rose

    • By Sylvia Winters
    • Published: March 2013

    in Flower Poems

    A sign of beauty,
    A symbol of grace.
    Its pride runs strong
    At a very fast pace.

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