Believe In Yourself

13 Encouraging Messages To Believe In Yourself

Poems and quotes that encourage people to believe in themselves.

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  1. Life Is Now

    Inspirational Poem To Uplift Your Spirits

    in Inspirational Poems

    Time flies and memories fade.
    People change and new friendships are made.
    Only the true remain forever at our side.
    Eventually the disappointment and pain will subside.

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    My school does a speech contest every year, and this poem really caught my eye. I'm in 6th grade and definitely doing this for the speech contest. Very inspiring!

  2. Beauty

    • By Germaine Nyiramana
    • Published: October 2015
    Not Feeling Great In Your Own Body

    in Bullying Poems

    Dry those tears, baby girl
    Stop making scars on your wrist
    It does not help to starve yourself
    You don't change by caking your face

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  3. Believe In Yourself

    The Power Of Self-Belief

    in Inspirational Poems


    Believe in yourself and you can achieve
    Things you never thought possible.
    Believe in yourself and you can discover
    New talents hidden inside of you.

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    Believe in yourself when all is bad, and make it better.

  4. O Fear

    Believe In Yourself

    in Fear Poems

    You made me run away
    from those who loved me anyway.
    You pushed me down into the vanity,
    blindfolded me from every reality.

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    Thank you, Eric. Yes, fear usually keeps us away from our desires. It makes us doubt our own ability, and we spend our whole life thinking that we are not good enough, but the moment we...

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  5. It Isn't What It Seems...

    • By Chanel Winslow
    • Published: December 2008
    Poem About Believing In Yourself

    in Hope Poems

    It's a state of mind that I'm trying to find.
    I want it all to be mine.
    It's like finding tu voz por la primera vez (your voice for the first time).
    And I'm eager to learn more.

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