Father's Day Poetry Quotes

17 Short Father's Day Poems - Father's Day Poetry Quotes

These Poetry Quotes are cute and sweet and perfect for short father's day poems. You can use these quotes and pictures to give to your Mom on Father's day.

Silent Strong Dad

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He never looks for praises.
He's never one to boast.
He just goes on quietly working
for those he loves the most.

- Karen K. Boyer

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Father's Day Quote For Stepdad

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Even though
you're not my father,
you'll always be
my dad.

- Ginger C. Smith

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Praise For Grandfather

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Grandpas are the wise ole ones
that are cuddly as a bear,
who always have a neat new trick
and story yet to share.

- Katherine E. Harmon

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I Love You All My Family

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When monsters lurked beneath my bed,
and scary dreams ran through my head,
when thunder growled those sounds I dread,
there you were, my father.

- Shayla S. Randolph

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