Poems With Structure

Poems That Use A Good Structure

Poems That Use A Good Structure

Poems with structure have a specific system of organizing the lines, phrases, or thoughts. A well-structured poem reads nicely and clearly shares the poet’s message.

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  1. Family Poems Daughter Poems In Your Heart By Thomas S. Carver

    We're Together Though We're Apart

    A breathtaking and beautiful poem about a relationship between father and daughter throughout...

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  2. Sad Poems Depression Poems The Masks I Wear By Evelyn Barrera

    The Truth Behind The Mask

    I wrote this poem to show people that I'm not always happy, even though I might seem like it....

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    • Votes 66
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  3. Family Poems Thank You Poems You Are My Heart And Soul By Elizabeth A. Robinson

    Poem Thanking Mom

    Thank you, Mom, for always being there for me. I am grateful for all the gifts you have given...

    • Stories 16
    • Shares 5260
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    • Votes 4052
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  4. Teen Poems Teen Life Lesson Poems Clear Vision By Anne M. Snell

    Poem About How To Love Yourself

    My poem is about how I see myself. I see myself as broken, unlovable, and too far gone. But...

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    • Votes 24
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  5. Spiritual Poems Faith Poems Just Like A Child By Abimbola T. Alabi

    Lessons Learned From Little Children

    When I look at little kids, I remember what the Lord Jesus said about them. There are so many...

    • Stories 0
    • Shares 191
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    • Votes 30
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  6. Love Poems Moving On Poems One Day By Shaydee A. Ault

    One Day He'll Miss You

    This poem is one I wrote for my Aunt Brandy when she and her boyfriend broke up. It touched her...

    • Stories 0
    • Shares 391
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    • Votes 60
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  7. Sad Love Poems I Miss You Poems My Everything By Dean Coombes

    How Much I Love You

    She is/was my first love. We have recently separated after a 7 year relationship. I still love...

    • Stories 6
    • Shares 18204
    • Favorited 98
    • Votes 4622
    • Rating
  8. Famous Poems Famous Life Poems Life Is Fine By Langston Hughes

    In this poem, the speaker is considering giving up on life, but he can’t go through with it. He...

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    • Votes 34
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  9. Teen Poems Abuse Poems by Teens You... By Shaydee A. Ault

    An Abusive Relationship That Caused Depression

    This poem is about an abusive relationship I was in for 8 months. This poem represents the pain...

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    • Shares 43
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    • Votes 15
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  10. Teen Poems Depression Poems by Teens I'm Dying On The Inside By Ashley

    I'm unhappy, but nobody can tell. I hide it.

    • Stories 6
    • Shares 202
    • Favorited 10
    • Votes 347
    • Rating
  11. Love Poems Confused about Love Poems I Wish He Knew By Maddie

    Secret Crush Poem

    Describes the millions of girls all over the world who wish their crush knew what they felt...

    • Stories 1
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    • Votes 457
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  12. Love Poems Girlfriend Poems When I Am With Her By Richard Giron

    Poem About What It Means To Love

    Dedicated to my best friend, Joyce. Sometimes your soulmate is just your best friend.

    • Stories 3
    • Shares 2778
    • Favorited 22
    • Votes 930
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  13. Spiritual Poems Spiritual Poems about Death Birthdays In Heaven By Elaine P. Keefe

    First Birthday For Deceased Adult Child

    My nephew and his wife lost their adult daughter to mesothelioma two years ago. She left behind...

    • Stories 0
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    • Votes 16
    • Rating
  14. Love Poems Moving On Poems To Feel By Ariel Smith

    This song was inspired by my friends.

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    • Shares 67
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    • Votes 68
    • Rating
  15. Love Poems Husband Poems An Ol' Cowboy By Lovie M. Haskell

    The Love Of A Cowboy

    I have lived your average life being married, having two children, being divorced, and giving up...

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