April 2019 Poetry Contest Finalists

Poems Chosen As The Acrostic Poetry Contest Finalists

10 Poems Chosen As The Acrostic Poetry Contest Finalists

Thank you to everyone who submitted wonderful poems to the April 2019 Acrostic Poetry Contest. We have narrowed down the semi-finalists to this list of 10 finalists. Help us choose a winner by voting and sharing your favorites! First place and runner-up selections will be announced on May 6 and in our Poem of the Week.

We are excited to announce that "The Poetry Masters" has been selected as the Acrostic Poetry Contest winner! Congratulations, Debra L. Brown! Congratulations also goes out to Jodi M. Kucera, whose poem, "Father," was chosen as the Acrostic Poetry Contest runner-up! Thank you to everyone who submitted poems to the April contest.

Poetry Contests - All Winning Poems

  1. Grandma

    Missing Grandma Acrostic Poem

    in Grandmother Death Poems

    Grandma is one special angel, a
    Really gentle, beautiful soul.
    Angel of God, so pure and whole.
    Never leave me, stay close by.

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    • Stories 0
    • Shares 126
    • Favorited 2
    • Votes 91
    • Rating 4.50
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  3. Father

    Acrostic Poem About Father Passing Away

    in Loss of Father Poems

    Forever in my heart,
    Always on my mind.
    Together again we will be, all in God's time.
    Heaven gained another angel the day you left.

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    • Stories 1
    • Shares 306
    • Favorited 7
    • Votes 77
    • Rating 4.42
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    This short poem reflects the feelings of most of the daughters who learned life through love, affection and protection of their fathers.

  4. The Poetry Masters

    Acrostic Poem About Famous Poets

    in Acrostic Poems

    This is to all the great Master Poets of art,
    Having the skills, the words, and the smarts.
    Emotions you've captured, the thoughts you provoked.

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    • Stories 4
    • Shares 153
    • Favorited 8
    • Votes 85
    • Rating 3.98
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    Thank you, Richard, for taking the time out to comment on my poem. I'm glad you enjoyed it. "How do I love thee?" is my favorite poems by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. I have enjoyed it for...

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  6. Friends

    Friends Acrostic Poem

    in Life Long Friend Poems

    F- Friends are precious gifts
    R- Rare and hard to find
    I- Invisible when life is good
    E- Ever near when your sun doesn't shine

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    • Stories 2
    • Shares 138
    • Favorited 4
    • Votes 63
    • Rating 3.94
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    Friends are everything you say in your Acrostic poem Brother John.

    Flowers that we gather along life's highway,
    are friends kept in memory's floral bouquet.
    When you've a good friend you...

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  7. Best Friends

    True Meaning Of Friendship Acrostic Poem

    in Best Friend Poems

    Friendship is one that
    Relies on trust,
    Instilled between two people
    Eager to share their ups and downs,

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    • Stories 0
    • Shares 167
    • Favorited 3
    • Votes 30
    • Rating 4.20
  8. Escape

    Acrostic Poem About Poetry Being An Escape

    in Acrostic Poems

    Every time a rhyme goes through my mind,
    Something special takes place that I find,
    Creating a place for my soul to dwell,
    Away from the pressure of having to tell

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    • Stories 0
    • Shares 23
    • Favorited 3
    • Votes 31
    • Rating 4.07
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  10. My Love

    Acrostic Poem For Someone Special

    in Love Forever Poems

    My heart doesn't belong to me.
    You have its only access key.

    Life is meaningful because of you.

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    • Stories 0
    • Shares 46
    • Favorited 6
    • Votes 37
    • Rating 4.03
  11. Silent Healing

    Healing Acrostic Poem

    in Hope Poems

    How hard it is to heal a broken heart.
    Everything seems so dark,
    And it seems like the stars even lost their spark.
    Loneliness just pulled me apart.

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    • Stories 0
    • Shares 48
    • Favorited 1
    • Votes 16
    • Rating 4.00
  12. Finding Relief

    • By Gabriella Acevedo
    • Published: April 28, 2019
    Relief Acrostic Through Writing Poetry

    in Acrostic Poems

    Running away from my troubles I begin to,
    Envy all the others whose
    Lives seem all too easy, but
    I have come to find a resting place, for poetry has become my

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    • Stories 1
    • Shares 14
    • Favorited 1
    • Votes 23
    • Rating 4.00
    Featured Shared Story

    I was certainly touched by this simple yet beautiful poem. It is not propped up with long, clever words, neither does it regress into tear jerking sentiment, but still transmits a powerful...

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  13. What Poetry Mean To Me: Encouragement

    Encouragement Acrostic Poem

    in Acrostic Poems

    Each day you've proven to be my source of peace,
    Never judging me, giving me room to breathe as I
    Carefully try to form the perfect rhyme.
    Over and over, trying to get it right,

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    • Stories 0
    • Shares 47
    • Favorited 2
    • Votes 29
    • Rating 4.17

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