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Published: September 9, 2020

Favorite Poems From Instagram

128 Favorite Poems From Instagram

There are many different types of poetry forms. Some poems are long and have multiple rhyming stanzas. Others are short and succinct with no rhyme scheme. Each type creates a different reading experience and evokes different emotions.

This collection is filled with poems from some of our favorite Instagram poets. These poets are talented in their art and write directly from the heart. The raw emotions in their poetry can clearly be seen.

They have given us permission to share their poems with our readers. Many of these poets have published their own books of poetry. Although these poems are short, they are powerful.

Sharing poetry with others is a very personal experience. It means baring your soul for the world to see, but poetry brings hope and healing. For the reader, it’s always comforting to read a piece that makes you realize you’re not alone. It’s comforting to know someone else understands.

We hope you find poems that speak directly to you. May you be encouraged by these short pieces!

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  1. Despite The Storms

    Finding Joy Once More

    in Short Poems

    Despite the storms,
    beauty arrives like
    it was always going to.
    Despite the darkness,

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    Part of the last line says, "Keep living." I'm saying keep writing. I like your style and sensitivity. Excellent flow and structure. I really enjoyed it.

  2. And The World Carries On

    in Short Poems

    The plates will still shift
    and the clouds will still spew.
    The sun will slowly rise
    and the moon will follow too.

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    This poem is really so good. I feel this poem; it's just amazing.

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  4. Drowning

    in Short Poems

    They come in waves,
    my feelings for you.
    And not pretty whitecaps
    dancing at my feet.

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  5. Your Wounds

    You Are Stronger Than Your Scars

    in Short Poems

    Time doesn’t heal wounds
    to make you forget.

    It doesn’t heal wounds to

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    Very nicely done. I totally agree with you. I've used this same approach in my own life. I think sometime we pay more attention to what we're about to go through instead of how much you've...

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  7. Take Me To The Center Of Your Soul

    in Falling in Love Poems

    take me
    to the center of your soul
    show me where you hide
    lead me to the forgotten wounds

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    • Votes 69
    • Rating 4.28
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  8. Aching Hearts

    in Short Sad Poems

    We talk a lot about broken hearts.
    But oh,
    what about the aching ones?
    The hearts that are healing

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    • Rating 4.62
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  9. The Way You Look At Me

    in True Love Poems

    Even in those silent moments
    You look at me as if I hung the moon

    You make me forget that I was ever

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    • Votes 80
    • Rating 4.68
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    It's just beautiful!

  10. You Could Have Given Up

    in Poems about Life Struggles

    You could have given up,
    but you kept on going.
    You could have seen obstacles,
    but you called them adventures.

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    Another good one! I enjoyed it very much. And I think most of us can relate; I know I can. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Just Us Two

    in Passionate Love Poems

    Pull away the world
    so that it is just us two.
    Silence the chaos
    inside and outside our heads.

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    • Rating 4.09
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    Talk about rekindling something lost; that will do it. Good read and flow.

  12. Seeing Ourselves Clearly

    in Short Poems

    It’s difficult to take in the entirety of something
    when you are standing inside of it.
    Valleys are best seen from peaks.
    Mountains from their bases.

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    One should always keep an open mind when viewing the world around them, and what you say in your beautiful poem is so true, and other people often can see our inner beauty before we do. That...

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