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Published: January 4, 2023

Beautiful Adoption Poems About The Emotional Journey Of Adoption

Adopted children are often referred to as chosen children. People with love to give and none to bestow it upon seek out a child to raise with love. Some parents choose to conceal their child's adoption thinking that it will only cause him pain and a sense of non-belonging. Others choose to tell their chosen child thinking that he will find out anyway. When a child finds out that he is adopted, it may give rise to feelings of confusion and alienation. The important thing to remember is that having parents that love you whether biological or chosen is a tremendous gift.

10 Beautiful Adoption Poems About The Emotional Journey Of Adoption

  1. 1. Growing Up With Grandma

    • By Candy Canan
    • Published by Family Friend Poems May 2006 with permission of the Author.

    The one who raises us is truly our parent, even if they did not give birth to us.
    November 6, 2004

    in Grandmother Poems

    I don't know when it happened.
    I don't know when she came,
    But she's the one I always knew.
    Grandma was her name.

    She taught me how to tie my shoes.
    She taught me how to talk,
    And though I can't remember,
    I think she taught me how to walk.

    When all the other kids in school
    Would talk about Mom and Dad,
    I wondered where my parents were;
    That made me kinda sad.

    And sometimes there were days I'd cry
    Or hide my head in shame.
    But Grandma took it all in stride
    And loved me all the same.

    She'd wrap her arms around me
    And kiss me on the head.
    She'd tell me that she loved me
    When she tucked me into bed.

    Being a teen, I remember the days
    When being with friends was more fun.
    And I wondered what it would have been like
    To actually be someone's son,

    To have a regular family,
    Some siblings, a mom, and a dad.
    What had I done to deserve less than others?
    Sometimes I felt so mad.

    "It's alright, it's okay," Grandma would say.
    "One day you'll understand why.
    Life just isn't fair to everyone, you see.
    It's always okay to cry."

    And when I went off to college,
    I met the love of my life.
    It was Grandma who was the first I told
    That I planned to make her my wife.

    Soon after I'd become a father,
    For that I could hardly wait.
    To have a child of my very own,
    And to make my Grandma a "Great."

    A little girl to share her name,
    For all that she'd given me.
    So much I owed to Grandma.
    That was plain to see.

    As time passed and life grew short
    I hoped my Grandma knew
    That it was her love and her support
    That always got me through.

    If I could tell her one more thing,
    "Thanks Grandma," is what I 'd say,
    "For loving me and making me
    The man I am today."

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    This a was beautifully written piece. It "touched me" as the question asked. It also made me think about what my Grandma has been doing for me. This is encouraging, good work.

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  2. 2. Bright Blue Eyes

    • By Ellie C. Hammond
    • Published by Family Friend Poems April 2018 with permission of the Author.

    I have been wanting to write a poem about the topic of adoption for quite a while now as it is very close to my heart. I hope you enjoy my poem as much as I enjoyed writing it, and I hope that my poem touched you in some way. (Note: I am Irish, and in Ireland "Mam" is what we call mom/mum, etc.)

    in Mother Daughter Poems

    My Mother gave me my talents and traits.
    My Mam taught me to embrace them.

    My Mother gave me my fears and doubts.
    My Mam taught me to face them.

    My Mother gave me my clumsy ways.
    My Mam picked me up from the mud.

    My Mother gave me my bright blue eyes.
    My Mam taught me to see the good.

    I am not angry that my Mother gave me away.
    I know it was to give me the best.

    Adoption is building a family through dedication and love.
    For the family I have, I am blessed.

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    This story touched my heart deeply. As an adoptee, I relate to this greatly. Thank you so much.

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  4. 3. What Is A Dad?

    I wrote this poem for a friend for Father's Day. He is not only a friend to me and my son but took on the role of his father as well. He has gone above and beyond for my son and deserves all the credit of being his "father" and for making my son a better man.

    in Father's Day Poems

    A Dad is patient, helpful, and strong
    He is there by your side when things go wrong
    He's someone who guides you to do the right thing
    And helps you solve problems that life sometimes brings

    A Dad is someone who is loving and kind
    And usually knows what's going on in your mind
    He is someone who listens and makes time to talk
    When things are bad he doesn't turn around and walk

    He is a strong shoulder when times are tough
    And still loves you dearly when he's had enough
    He helps you and guides you all that he can,
    Wanting nothing more than to make you a man

    A Dad's there when you're happy and even more when you're sad
    Giving unconditional love whether you're good or you're bad
    A Dad is someone that you can also call a friend
    Who is there no matter what and will be till the end

    They say that blood is thicker than water
    But I know this isn't true
    Because my son couldn't ask for a better Dad
    Than one he has found in you

    I think of all the years gone by and wonder
    How different things would've been
    If his real father put forth the love
    That you have shown to him

    Happy Father's Day!
    Thank you for showing my son what a real father is
    And for loving him as much as you do. You will always
    Have a special place in my heart and his

    Father's Day Poem For An Adopted Dad, What Is A Dad?

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  5. 4. To A Mother I Never Knew

    • By Keith
    • Published by Family Friend Poems April 2015 with permission of the Author.

    I was given up for adoption by my mother when I was very young. I came to the states at 3 1/2 years of age. This poem expresses my message to my birth mother of what I've felt, how I feel now about the whole situation, and how I would feel if I were in her shoes.

    in Missing You Poems

    To a mother I never knew,
    From a son who desperately misses you.

    There were so many times I would imagine you,
    But you would never appear.

    And there were so many times I would cry for you,
    Tear after tear.

    I have even begged for you,
    On both knees,
    To please come save me, Mama,
    Please, please, please.

    And even as the years passed by,
    I would never lose hope,
    Because it was hope
    That kept this little boy afloat.

    I would daydream about the moment
    When I would finally meet you,
    And how I would cry and be speechless
    Just to finally see you.

    With my own two eyes,
    Exactly how I had dreamed,
    Angelic and beautiful
    And as loving as you seemed.

    But I'm all grown up now
    With a son of my own,
    And I try to give to him
    What I've always wanted in a home.

    I teach my son,
    From the lessons that I've learned.
    I teach him that love can't be bought,
    It can only be earned.

    I've learned that sometimes love
    Is so much harder to show than to say.
    That's how I know you truly loved me, Mama,
    Because you're not here with me today.

    I can only imagine
    The selfless love that it took
    To say goodbye to your child
    And take one last look.

    To let him go,
    In hopes that he can live a better life.
    The pain must've felt
    Like a dull serrated knife.

    I miss you every day, Mama,
    And I hope to see you soon.
    But if not,
    Then I'll see you in my dreams tomorrow afternoon.

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    I really felt this poem because I went through the same things. I was never really with my mother in my life. I was adopted by my aunt and uncle at the age of two. I used to always cry...

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  7. 5. Thank You For Taking Care Of Me

    • By Jessica
    • Published by Family Friend Poems June 2008 with permission of the Author.

    I got kicked out of my house, and then my ex- boyfriend's mom and dad took me in. I just wanna say thanks for everything and let them know that I love them and that I count them like my real family. I love you mom and dad and Kathleen, and I never wanna lose you as a family. You are all I've got, and you mean everything to me.

    in Thank You Poems

    Thank you
    For everything you have ever done
    To make my life better.
    I might deny it sometimes,
    But a great part of who I am
    Is thanks to the two of you.
    Sometimes I thought to myself
    That you were being too strict,
    Sometimes unfair,
    But now I see
    That it was all for the better,
    And I am thankful for it all.
    You taught me respect
    On a level most kids my age
    Never even heard of.
    You taught me the value of life
    In an easy way to understand.
    I know that I
    Can sometimes be a little hard-headed
    Or even a real teaser,
    But still I have managed
    To follow your teachings
    And become
    As good a person as I can be.

    Thank you
    For everything.

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    Since I was born, I have never been loved by a person like the way my parents do. I was sometimes naughty, but they guided me through the right path. Days were sometimes dark friends turned...

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  8. 6. Who Are We?

    • By Jodi L. Daly
    • Published by Family Friend Poems May 2018 with permission of the Author.

    I think it is only natural for all mankind to want to know where they come from. Who they resemble. And a lot of children who are adopted do not get to. Their records are sealed. Like top secret government missile codes. And they grow up and have children of their own who will want to know where they come from. I am one of those children and so are mine. I just want to see who I look like, who my mother looks like, etc.

    in Growing Up Poems

    My mother was adopted.
    All the records tightly sealed.
    Now all she has are questions,
    Like wounds that never healed.

    And I wonder where I come from?
    Who my father really is?
    My Mother's husband raised me.
    But I am really his.

    And my husband was adopted.
    All his records are sealed too.
    We come from unknown places
    And had parents we never knew.

    I wish they had left some trace
    Or a photograph to see
    What our parents looked like.
    Does my father look like me?

    All this business left undone.
    Like ghosts they left behind.
    We're just dirty little secrets
    Put out of sight and out of mind.

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    For some of us, meeting our parents saved our lives. I'm sorry things got hard. It is definitely hard to look at yourself and wonder where your nose, eyes, etc. came from. It's difficult to...

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  9. 7. From The Love Of A Grandmother

    • By Sandy Mesquita
    • Published by Family Friend Poems September 2017 with permission of the Author.

    I was 19 when I had my daughter 19 years ago. My life continues to be a struggle. When I found out my daughter was pregnant at 18, I saw my life all over again. The odds would be against her. I simply gave her the tools she needed and let her make her own decision. She knew she wasn't ready to be a mother and she knew I couldn't financially help. After lots of tears and prayers, God led us to a wonderful open adoptive family. We know my grandson will never go without.

    in Children Poems

    From the moment I knew of you, so many emotions filled my mind.
    This wasn't supposed to happen, not right now; I cried.

    My love for you began to grow, which makes this so very hard.
    To let you go with the hopes and dreams that your life will never be scarred.

    As I watched her belly grow each day and I could feel you move inside,
    There was never any shame of you, only a sense of pride.

    I prayed and prayed every night for God to show the way.
    I only want the best for you at this moment and every day.

    I held you in my arms so tight and heard your little cry.
    I will see you very soon, I said, but I will never say goodbye.

    It brings me joy to know that you'll have everything you need in life.
    For at this time it hurts to say these are things we couldn't provide.

    I close my eyes and I see your face, wishing I could be with you.
    I miss you dearly every day, for this is all so new.

    You are loved so much by all of us and are so dear to our hearts.
    For one day we'll be together again; our lives will never part.

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  10. 8. My Choice

    • By Becki C
    • Published by Family Friend Poems July 2015 with permission of the Author.

    I wrote this poem for my firstborn daughter, whom I placed for adoption almost 14 years ago.

    in Mother Child Poems

    The first time I looked into your eyes I cried.
    You looked at me, knowing who I was,
    Falling asleep because you knew you were safe.
    I held you close as much as I could, knowing who you were
    And realizing it wouldn't last forever.

    I kissed your little button nose and smiled.
    A second in time, but forever etched in my mind.
    With an aching heart, I placed you in the arms
    Of the woman I had chosen to be your mommy...
    ...and she whispered, "Thank you."

    As I walked away, my heart breaking.
    I knew sadness, joy, peace and anger.
    But mostly I knew that you were loved
    And that someday, somewhere
    You would understand my choice.

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  11. 9. For My Children

    • By Cara-Marie Simpkins
    • Published by Family Friend Poems November 2007 with permission of the Author.

    The hardest thing I've ever had to face was letting go of my children. The healing process had its challenging moments, but with time, and a lot of prayer, I managed to get through the same heartache that so many mothers know all too well.

    Adoption isn't the end of your life. It isn't the end of the world, and it definitely isn't the end of your every happiness. It's actually the very beginning of receiving countless gifts and blessings that you never knew before.

    in Missing You Poems

    I remember my pregnancy with you
    I fell in love with your every move, and with the sound of your beating heart.
    I held your precious body in my arms for the first time and took in your sweet, angelic presence.
    Nothing could prepare me for what would lie ahead.
    Nothing could prevent my heart from breaking, but it had to be done.
    I tried to be strong, but my strength failed me.
    I never knew it would be so difficult to write my own name.
    I cried and was grateful for all the precious memories you've given me.
    It was a new beginning for you.
    The healing was beginning for me.
    Time went forward, I learned and grew as I slowly let go of you.
    My heart was healed, my life was blessed and my prayers were answered.
    Still, there are days when I cry.
    I will never stop thinking about you.
    Still I wonder about the person you are now and the person you've yet to become.
    I pray that you will always know of the love I have for you.
    It's only through the grace of God that you were mine for a time.
    He gave you to me, I lovingly obeyed his plans for you.

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    I also gave my 5-year-old daughter up for adoption to a member of my deceased husband's family! I only saw her a few times after, and it broke my heart the times when I did get to see her!...

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  12. 10. Sisters' Reunion

    • By Jeni Dawn
    • Published by Family Friend Poems November 2009 with permission of the Author.

    It's been 4 days since my eldest sister was located. After 43 years of separation by adoption, we can be a complete family. The best thing we each can bring to our new relationship is the memories and experiences we each have. I'm so humbled and thankful to her adoptive parents for lovingly raising her to be who she is.

    in Sister Poems

    My Dearest Sister,
    This journey has been long.
    This experience like a favorite song.
    Dreams realized and not abandoned,
    Wishes finally granted. 
    My imaginary friend now has a name,
    a face,
    embodiment I now can claim. 
    I am yours and you are mine, 
    My sister forever,
    no longer undefined. 
    This journey has indeed been long,
    and now we know that what was wrong
    was just the timing in our past,
    and now the clock can be still at last. 
    Long enough for us to embrace
    the promises of tomorrow and what we'll face. 
    I envision a reunion,
    happy not sad,
    in which we're altogether,
    now that would be rad!
    Love from your 'little sister.'
    - Jeni Dawn

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    After fostering and then adopting my dear little sister for three years, I am now 13 and my older sister 15. The little one welcomed into our family from adoption is 5. Fostering children had...

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