Valentines Day Alone Poems

Published: December 15, 2022

Poems Celebrating Love On Valentine's Day: Poems For The Solo Soul

Being alone while everyone is celebrating love in their lives can be an incredibly lonely and depressing experience. Valentine's Day is a time for sharing our love with those who are important to us. Not having someone to share this with does not mean, however, that we cannot also participate. All of us have people who are meaningful and special to us, these people can become an outlet for expressing our love and sharing in the festivities of celebrating love. In this way, Valentine's Day can be a time for sharing love with others even if not the traditional expression.

8 Poems Celebrating Love On Valentine's Day: Poems For The Solo Soul

  1. 1. Heavenly Rose

    Valentine's Day is a sad occasion with only memories for company. The one you love may have left, but the heart will never let go.

    in Grief Poems

    I wonder, is there Valentine's Day in heaven?
    For the one I love is there.
    I would love to send her some flowers
    To let her know how much I care.

    I would like to say I love you
    And hold her gently in my arms.
    Just to make her smile once more,
    Dear Lord, is all I ask.

    So if flowers grow in heaven,
    Lord, pick a rose for me.
    Present it to the one I love,
    Then kiss her tenderly.

    Tell her how much I miss her
    And in my heart she'll always stay.
    She'll always be my Valentine.
    Not even death can take that away.

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    Brother John, That's so, so touching and beautiful. I believe there's a Saint Valentine's Day in heaven and that flowers grow there. Do not worry, do not despair for roses are abundant in...

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  2. 2. Your Valentine

    This poem was written for a loved one who has passed away. 2-8-19

    in Romantic Valentine's Day Poems

    I sent a rose to you today.
    I hope you didn't mind.
    I left it with the Archangel
    who was standing just outside.

    I left a note upon it.
    Signed, to my Valentine.
    The simple words were blurred
    from the tears I could not hide.

    You have enriched my life with laughter
    and made the sun to shine.
    I love you and I miss you,
    Signed, your Valentine.

    Sometimes when my heart is heavy,
    and these tears I can't avoid,
    I would rather have loved you for a moment
    than to have an empty void.

    Please save a place for me, my love.
    I hope you wouldn't mind.
    Remember that I love you,
    Signed, your Valentine.

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    Henry, I was brought to tears when I read your story. I'm so sorry for your loss. I was blessed and honored you chose to read my poem to your wife. I always ask God for the words to say and...

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  4. 3. A Valentine's Wish

    • By Jamie K. Johnson
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2006

    in Lonely Poems

    Have you ever set your heart on someone
    Though you didn't stand a chance?
    Have you ever wished that someone
    Would think the way you do?
    Have you ever fallen in love with someone
    Who didn't love you too?
    Have you ever tried to explain to them
    The feelings in your heart,
    Only to hear a response
    That tears your heart apart?
    Have you ever spent so much time with someone,
    Even though it hurts inside?
    Have you ever tried to save a friendship
    By having your feelings hide?
    Have you ever wanted that friendly hug to turn into a kiss?
    Have you ever wished your heart would stop wishing
    For those things that won't come true?
    Have you ever wished that that someone would try to love you too?

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    You should ask him why. Why don't he love you anymore? Why is the question that answers everything. Why?

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  5. 4. This Will Be My Valentine

    • By Theresa Witbooi
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2013

    This is for those who have not found the love of their life yet. Also for those who have been disappointed in love. To stay positive and believe that one is out there in the world. We are alone and need to trust that there is a great mate awaiting us.

    in Lonely Poems

    He will be gentle, loving, strong, sensitive and kind.
    He will be all this and more combined.
    He is somewhere in this world of rage.
    When we meet, we'll be on the same page.
    For me, he will move mountains.
    Together we'll drink from crystal fountains.
    He will always bring me flowers.
    His kisses will rain on me like showers.
    He will always be there for me in times of trouble.
    We'll never have a major squabble.
    He will playfully ruffle my hair.
    In my ears he will whisper, "Don't despair."
    Without reason we will dance.
    Against those who hurt me he will take a tough stance.
    He will not lie or cheat, in each other's arms we'll admit defeat.
    In love he will always be fair.
    His heart only mine to share.
    His eyes always on me will shine.
    A man, a heart, so fine,
    This will be my Valentine!

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    I have not seen love of my life for 6 months, Because of some family issues we had to separate. We couldn't be together on this Valentine's Day, but we will be united soon. I saw this poem...

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  7. 5. Broken Hearts' Day

    • By Lisa M. Daugherty
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2018

    I wrote this while lying in bed on the first Valentine's Day after the passing of my husband, Jeff, who passed December 18, 2011. We were married 25 years. I miss him.

    in Husband Death Poems

    Here I sit, all alone
    in my quiet, empty home.
    Where do broken hearts go
    on this sweethearts' day?
    I don't know!
    Rest assured, I will visit your grave,
    grasping our love and the memories we made.

    I can't let you go.
    I can't make you stay.
    So tell me now,
    what do I do with this day?

    Broken Hearts' Day,
    that's what today is.
    Tears and sadness are how I live.
    Partners for life, that's what you said,
    but here I lie alone in our bed.

    So full of sadness, consumed in grey.
    No one to hold me on Valentine's Day.
    You will be mine again someday,
    but for now,
    right here is where I lay,
    all alone on this
    Broken Hearts' Day.

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  8. 6. Valentine's

    • By Gwen
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2008

    Thanks for breaking my heart.

    in Hurting Poems

    No roses, no candy, no darling or dear...
    Guess I'll spend it alone this year.
    Men talk and they flirt; they wink and they sigh...
    but when it comes time... there's no one to buy.

    I like my roses...and wine.
    I love to snuggle, cuddle and dine.
    Just seems it's something that men don't want.
    Guess they don't understand the hurt of a heart.

    I'll get no gift, no card, no call ....
    just me laying here...or walking the hall.
    No heart that flutters or skips that beat
    when I see you coming down the street.
    No hugs, no kisses, no special treats,
    just me hurting heart... that has no beat~

    This day's for lovers AS IT should be...
    just regret the fact there's none for me.
    I try so hard to find that love...
    the one they say is sent from above.

    But alas for me, it's not to be...
    so alone this Valentine's Day I'll be.

    For all you lovers...cherish your mate.
    Explain to him how you met was fate!

    Remember the giggles the fun and folly,
    of how it felt to be happy and jolly.

    So care for your man, care for your woman,
    and you will have that love that makes the heart flitter and flutter and the pulse run fast.
    So cherish them on this glorious day and remember how great a love can be.
    Happy Valentine's Day!

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    This poem touched me because this will be my first Valentine's Day without a Valentine. We are separated after 33 years of marriage.

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  9. 7. Valentine

    A special wish to all people, everywhere.

    in Funny Valentine's Day Poems

    A wish for you
    on this Valentine's Day
    that you'll take time to laugh
    and maybe to play.
    Just bury the blues,
    let go your worries,
    do something happy,
    and giggle in flurries.
    Run in the forest,
    hug a small child,
    grin at the clouds,
    and do something wild.
    Just for this day,
    be perfectly free,
    for that is the way
    you were meant to be.
    Watch how your magic
    blossoms in wonder
    as lightning flashes
    in evening thunder,
    and know in your heart
    come what may,
    I send you my blessings
    this Valentine's Day.

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  10. 8. Happy Valentine's Day, Babe

    A husband fondly remembers celebrating holidays with his wife.
    Christmas, birthdays, and anniversaries are hard, but Valentine's Day seems the hardest of all.

    in Wife Death Poems

    Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries are hard,
    But Valentine's Day seems the hardest of all.
    Christmas I celebrate with all I hold dear,
    Though your absence is felt through all of the cheer.
    Your birthday, our anniversary is still a celebration for me.
    These dates confirm that there was you and that we were we,
    But on Valentine's Day I grieve all alone.
    Not that I'm not getting flowers or cologne,
    I miss more than anything the things taken for granted.
    A love so sweet, it seemed almost enchanted,
    Memories of Valentine's Days past in my heart,
    Of times when we believed that we'd never part.
    So, now as I sit all alone and reminisce, I find that
    I am so grateful for all that I miss,
    For few EVER have the kind of love that we shared.
    A love like ours cannot be compared.
    I cherish each moment, each memory we made,
    Memories of a love that will never fade.
    We had quite a life together, you and me.
    We had two great kids, a wonderful family.
    My heart remains full till we meet again,
    And I'll not dwell on what might have been.
    I'll pick up my chin and smile as I say,
    "I'll always love you, Babe. Happy Valentine's Day."

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    Lost my beautiful bride of 19 years on February 26, 2016. We were married on Valentine’s Day 1997. Wish I could have another 19 years with her. Valentine’s Day will never be the same. Tears...

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