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  1. Chosen

    • By Tracy Garner
    • Published: February 2015
    Poem Of Gratitude Toward Biological Mother

    I may not be the one chosen to stay,
    I may always be the one that you gave away.
    But under your heart, I grew and I grew,
    All I ever wanted to be was a blessing to you.

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  3. Lost In This World

    Lost in this world
    Nowhere to go, no place to hide
    Big open field, so long and so wide.

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  4. Mother, Where Are You?

    • By Beth J. Krantz
    • Published: February 2006

    It's as if I have always known you;
    I'm curious, do we look alike?
    Do I have your smile, your eyes, your passion for life?
    Do we talk the same way, walk the same way? ...

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    Have you ever found her yet? Do you think my daughter will have these thoughts? I last saw her at age 7. She's about to be 9. My aunt adopted her and is keeping her from me. She's teasing me...

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  6. Birthmother

    • By LeAnn Fischer
    • Published: February 2006

    We have a bond, dear birthmother and I,
    It's the love of a child, we can't deny.
    You are a blessing from afar,
    To send to us your bright, shining star....

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    I am a birth Mom! And I for the first time so relieved, moved and without words. Because this is my story. She is the adoption Mother, I am the birth Mother. And I had a letter just like that...

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  7. Who Am I?

    • By Kelly
    • Published: May 2008
    Adoption Questions

    Who Am I? Where Am I From?
    Who Was My Dad? Who Was My Mom?
    Was I The First? Was I The Last?
    Where Was My Beginning? What Was My Past?...

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    Yes I do relate to this poem.....
    I was adopted from birth. My mother and father left me in the hospital. I have been told it is because I was born with hip deformity. The mum and dad I'm...

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  8. The Truth Behind A Mother And A Mom

    • By Rosie Choate'
    • Published: September 2011
    Foster Mom I'm Ready To Be Adopted

    --Most people mistake a Mother and a Mom for the same things, well in reality there's a big difference.

    -a Mother is someone who gets pregnant
    -a Mom is someone who plans for your arrival...

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    My name is Livia. I go by Liv though. I was taken away from my biological mother when I was 9 because of her drug addiction. I was abused constantly and basically was a mother to my...

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  10. Only In America

    • By Barbara Winston
    • Published: February 2006

    From orphan at age seven to a home that
    seemed like Heaven.
    Mama's life zoomed from a bottomless
    hungry pit of despair, to a seemingly...

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  11. When Hope Is Given

    • By Sheila T. Williams
    • Published: July 2010


    You gave me hope to smile
    it dried my weeping eyes.
    You gave me hope to trust again,
    through your love you showed me how....

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    I have been adopted since I was five and My family just recently took in my best friend because his foster dad did not want him anymore. God has blessed us much, because he is the best big...

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  12. The Heart Of Adoption

    • By Lynda Dangelo
    • Published: February 2006

    The heart of adoption
    It's quite an option.
    You take the chance,
    expect the best and...

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    I was adopted when I was two and now I am 15. I read this poem and I showed my parents and all three of us started crying.

  13. From The Love Of A Grandmother

    • By Sandy Mesquita
    • Published: September 2017

    From the moment I knew of you, so many emotions filled my mind.
    This wasn't supposed to happen, not right now; I cried.

    My love for you began to grow, which makes this so very hard.

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