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  1. Butterfly Wish

    What I Wish For

    Wish I was a butterfly
    With colorful wings soaring up high
    Gracefully singing into the air
    With such silent notes, songs never heard...

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  3. Just Yesterday

    Loss Of Relationship

    yesterday I was crying...
    deep pain creeping within
    yesterday I was sobering...
    such endless grief, left me shivering...

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  4. The Things We Wish We Could Do

    • By Jessica MAnning
    • Published: April 2008

    You wish you could say I love you
    You wish you could say I'm sorry
    You wish you didn't fight
    you wish and wish with all your migh...

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  6. When You Went Away

    • By Adelle morris
    • Published: February 2008
    Still Love You

    when you went away my world turned cold and gray.
    when you wanted to leave I begged you to stay.
    you were my life and one day I hoped to be your wife.
    memories of her always hid in the shadows ...

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  7. A Shattered Heart

    • By Christi Ybarra
    • Published: February 2008

    Some say a broken heart is like a shattered vase
    Fragile pieces scattered all over the place.
    The shattered pieces of broken glass seem to go everywhere
    Unlike the pieces of a broken heart that seem to pierce your soul....

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    I was broken up with yesterday. I really thought he was the one. We were off and on, but only once in a while. Our breakups wouldn't last long. He says he wants to start a new chapter, and...

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  8. Losing The Best Part Of Me

    • By Casee Llanes
    • Published: February 2008
    Feeling Lost After Love Poem

    I'm no longer whole
    And sadly neither is he
    We've been locked out by pain
    And cannot find the key...

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  10. Curse Of Distance

    • By Mary Grace Reglos
    • Published: January 2008
    Saying Goodbye

    I will now say goodbye
    To you whom I knew for a time
    Kindling heart
    Be set apart...

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  11. Missing Piece In Life

    I've lost a piece and it's impossible to bring it back..
    I was too careless.. I was too slack..
    I spent so much time thinking about this and that..
    I was indecisive and that's a fact..

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    I understand a bit about what this person is saying. I have a friend who is EMO and he lives in PR. and I live in the northern USA. I only knew him for a few weeks and I feel like he's my...

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  12. I Wanted To Go With You

    • By Norma Clay McCoy
    • Published: November 2007
    Death Of My Love

    I was a lonely wanderer, searching for a place to belong, you came into my life and gave me love, a place to call home.

    Home is where the heart is, it doesn't always have four walls. Sometimes it can be a park bench, a homeless shelter, no matter where we lay our heads we are together and love counts the most.

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    The man I have loved for more than half my life is dying from a blood disorder. Every day he and I are realizing that living for the moment is the most important thing in our lives. We...

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  13. Find Love Again With My Ex

    I gave you my heart
    And you gave it back
    When we split apart
    My heart was a whole of black....

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