Birthday Poems

Happy Birthday Poems

The celebration of a person's birthday is a life affirming event. When you celebrate your birthday you are making a statement that your life is significant and meaningful. You are saying, my life is worth living and therefore I am celebrating that I am alive for another year. It is a time to get together with friends and family and celebrate the life that you are living. Birthdays may also be a time of melancholy reflection if we are not happy with our current station in life. For this reason it is good to have family and friends close to you to let you know how special you are.

Birthday Poems for Family


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  1. My Beautiful Sister

    • By Sinead
    • Published: November 2010
    Birthday Wishes From Younger Sister

    My big sister.
    Eighteen already,
    I remember times when she could only sleep with a teddy.
    It doesn't seem real,

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  3. Birthday Anniversary

    • By Kristina
    • Published: August 2008

    Each year our birthday forces us to grow
    Into the person whom we have yet to know
    With circumstances that hopefully have made us wise
    When we learn from our multitude of mistakes and tries....

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    This poem is what I sent to my daughter .whom is in prison ..
    To wish her a Happy 31st Birthday and to know with God everything is possible .
    Even when you have regrets in your life. God...

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  4. Happy Birthday Dad

    Poem Appreciating Father

    When I was born
    I didn't know much
    I was introduced to this world
    By your kind words and soft touch

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    I thank my dad for all he has done for me. I'm in the 11th grade in high school, but I don't know what to do for my dad on his special day.

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  6. 21 Years Today

    • By Lauramay
    • Published: November 2010
    Happy Birthday Poem To Sister

    For thirteen years my sister you've been,
    and I'm quite sure you've not always been keen,
    on me ruining your stuff and copying your style,
    but you always forgot that after a while....

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    Lauramay, Your poem is great and I'm sure your sister is ecstatic to receive it. I know she will cherish it forever.

  7. On Your 16th Birthday

    • By Sandra Jeffers
    • Published: August 2011
    Mother To Son Poem

    16 year ago today
    They placed you in my arms
    I became a mother
    Bewitched by all your charms...

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    Thank you, Sandra, for the awesome poem. I read it at my son's 16th birthday last night, but I just added a little story to each paragraph and everyone loved it. I used your poem because it...

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  8. Birthday Wishes To A Friend's Son

    Birthday Blessings

    Looks from your son are full of grace
    He will bring smiles on each face
    Your love in the future he will repay
    I wish him a very happy birthday

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    Love this poem. One of my favorites on this website. Great one.

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  10. Happy Birthday My Soul Mate

    Long Distance Birthday Poem


    Though at the moment
    we are poles apart
    in my thoughts, in my actions
    you are in my heart...

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  11. Happy Birthday Grandma

    • By Mary Flannery
    • Published: September 2014

    Happy Birthday, Grandma
    It's your special day
    You show us how you love us
    In so many ways

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  12. Pillar Of A Man

    Happy Birthday Dad Poem


    Work hard yet be humble,
    share all that you have
    Maybe the most important of many lessons,
    that I have learned from my dad.

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  13. Dad I Love You

    • By Felicia Ruth Miller
    • Published: August 2011
    Happy 85th Birthday Wishes From Daughter

    I Love You Dad (Your 85th birthday gift from me.)

    I thank God every day because you are my Dad
    When I need you the most,

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    Today would have been my Daddy's 85th Birthday! He passed away 17 years ago, and I miss like crazy! He was my hero, my friend, my first love; he was my everything! So today I toast to the man...

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